How to Become Better at Algebra

Have you ever been frustrated at calculation problems? Have you ever thought that algebra might be impossible? If you can read, you can learn algebra. Believe it or not, math is just a language--a language of patterns and numbers. Here's where you start.


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    Review every time your teacher teaches you. If you do not understand something, ask your parents, your friends, or even your older siblings. They would definitely be glad to help you. You should review the material every day that the teacher teaches you because who knows? Maybe the next day when you try to review, you realize that you have forgotten an important part. Review while it is still fresh in your mind.
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    Do a prep study. Preparation studies help you. If you prepare yourself to "think in math language", you will know what the teacher is talking about the next time she teaches you a lesson.
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    Focus and ask questions during class. If you don't focus, you won't get much information out of what the teacher says. If you have questions about the lesson, you can ask the teacher, or, if you are a shy person, ask the person sitting next to you without distracting the class or the teacher. Or better yet, maybe you can ask your friends after class. It has to be as soon as the class is over so you don't forget. You can also ask your teacher after school, if he/she is free.
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    Study, study, study! But never cram. Some people think that cramming is good because it makes them study more. However, cramming will make you forget the material the next day when you have a test. Too many new things at once just won't stay in your mind. Two weeks before the test, study somewhere between 30 minutes to 1 hour everyday.
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    The more problems you solve, the better. Practicing is always the best way to study algebra. The point in solving problems is to get used to using the formulas! That way, you can solve the problems faster and you can think faster. Practice, practice, practice. This applies to anything, really. If you practice you will get better at it and you will succeed!
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    Never cheat! Never cheat on a test. Cheating can get you a big old goose egg, "0". You don't want that to happen do you? Cheating can lead to suspension and even expulsion, so if you ever feel the need to glance over and compare answers control yourself, you never know what the consequence can be..but the worst part is that when you cheat, you don't learn. If you go to school and you don't learn, the whole thing seems like a waste of time. Cheating cheats YOU out of an education.
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    Do not panic during a test. Your mind won't be able to think clearly and you will forget the formulas. If you have studied and can solve the problems you do for homework, you will probably do fine on the test. Do not panic.
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    Accept your grades. That's right, accept it. When you get your test back and find out that you have gotten a bad grade, accept it as your own responsibility. That will make you want to figure out how to learn the material. Most importantly, make sure to put in extra effort the next time you study for a test Did you get a bad grade because you didn't study enough? Did you make careless errors? Whatever the reason, locate it and fix it as soon as possible without getting too down on yourself.
    • Look at your score. Do you want to make it better? Never think, "Hurray! I got 100! Now I don't have to study anymore!" If you think that, then you will get a bad grade next time because you will feel that there is no need to study. If you get a 100, just think, "I'll have to keep it up!"
    • Make corrections. Look at the problems you got wrong and find out where you went wrong. Practice them again and again until you get it right. Review each day. The whole point of the tests you take in school is to figure out what things you still need to learn, then to work on those things.
    • Reflect on your scores.
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    You will be better in algebra if you develop and keep up good efforts so that you can build your confidence by establishing good study habits!


  • If you are like most people, the best time to study is when you are fresh. If you are too tired, your mind can go blurry. Try a quick review of your studies in the morning as soon as you wake up, or maybe after breakfast. Go through simple calculations, review steps, techniques, and rules that you have already begun to understand before moving on to the parts that you don't yet understand. That will keep you from beating yourself up about something you don't understand. Studying right can clear your mind and might even help you have greater confidence toward other subjects.
  • Practice daily. Not only it will help to memorize methods and steps, but also helps to increase your speed at doing math!
  • Try to understand, rather than plainly memorizing; the former leads you to appreciate algebra (and mathematics as a whole), and will help create an enjoyable environment for you to continue your journey into the world of mathematics.
  • Always be sure to ask a friend, teacher, or family member if you need help. They will most likely be very happy to help you.


  • Don't over study (called cramming for a test) so much that you get no sleep, get so tired that you can't see straight, or get too nervous to think. Take breaks and don't overdo it. Over-studying won't make you learn more, but it could give you a bad headache.

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