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Are you interested in anime, but envy people who are really into it? This article will help you be a better anime fan.


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    Decide which kind of anime you want to watch based on general type, demographic or themes.
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    Start by researching. If you don't have a favorite anime series or movie, find out what that is first and then surf the web for fan-sites so you can learn more about it and find out about similar anime. Go a little further in your research than just the plot or characters. If it's a historical anime, research the period in history. Find out what style it's in as well (Wikipedia has a good article which breaks down the different anime genres).
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    Consider buying some. After you have an idea of the anime you like, start investing some serious time into it...and cash. Most rental stores have an okay selection of anime now, and often Adult Swim has a decent anime lineup, but you'll probably have to buy most of what you watch (or, if you're lucky, you can borrow from or trade with friends). Price shop as much as possible, and go for box sets whenever you can. Don't forget about graphic novels!
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    Cover your room with anime posters and toys. Get posters from a local comic shop or online.
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    Subscribe to or buy magazines like Anime Insider and Newtype. They show Anime in Japan and what will be hot in the U.S. Knowing more about upcoming anime makes you a more well-informed fan.
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    Watch with subtitles. Learning to watch anime in Japanese with subtitles is essential.
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    Stop downloading once licensed. There are many great scanlation sites out there to get anime and manga that's only available in Japan in English! It is important to support your favorite mangaka (Manga artist) and type of fandom. Be sure to stop downloading from these sites once the anime is licensed. See tips below.
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    Buy accessories including t-shirts, plushes, keychains, stickers, model kits, soundtracks and even weapons (such as Kenshin's reverse blade sword). Even more time and money goes into this stage. Don't forget music and graphics for your computer.
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    Develop your own anime persona. There are plenty of online quizzes which can let you know which anime character you are - so find out! You may even find an RPG to help you live your fantasy out with. Most characters have a signature technique or phrase, so try thinking up one of your own and sprinkle it into conversations or battles.
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    Start a fan site. This is where you can write plot summaries, put up pictures of your collectibles (and yourself in costume if you wish)and start message boards. Choose your clever domain name before it's gone!
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    Start drawing Anime! It's always good to know how to draw it too!


  • If you have Comcast, go to the Funimation channel On Demand. It is under the Cutting Edge section. There is a ton of new hot Anime titles including School Rumble, Monster, Strike Witches, and more!
  • Downloading fan-subbed episodes is just as illegal before licensing as it is afterwards. Japanese companies have started to crack down on illegal fan-subbers. *Consider: Being the ultimate fan is way more than watching whatever Adult Swim is playing. Try watching many different anime to find a genre that's best suited for you. There are many different types, so there's a guarantee you'll find one you'll like.
  • Make sure to keep up to date on popular shows like Puella Magi Madoka Magica.
  • Sites like : ; ; ; ; - are the places you can socialize with other anime fans . Also when chatting , try asking the person what anime he thinks you should watch (after telling them what anime you like). It helps !
  • While it can be financially risky and on questionable legal ground, a lot of anime can be found in the form of bootlegged DVD sets on eBay and websites like Check legitimacy against other buyers before giving out your credit card information.


  • If your favorite genre turns out to be Hentai, Yaoi, or Yuri, proceed with steps 3-5 at your own peril. These can be considered "Adult Anime".
  • Anime is sometimes considered a subset of geekdom. Be prepared to hear the words geek and nerd used to describe you in a non complimentary way. Remember that this doesn't change who you are - you can still be a football quarterback and be "into" anime.
  • Don't overdo it when you don't need to. For example, don't reference an anime event or character when you answer a question the teacher asks at school. As an example, don't write something on an assignment like, "George Washington was determined to win the war against the British, just like Naruto won't stop on the road to Hokage."
  • Many people unconditionally believe that all anime are stupid. If you are an anime fan, they will, by extension, think you're stupid. Be ready for that.
  • Most people will look at you oddly if you're overly enthusiastic about anime in inappropriate contexts. Suppress your power level.
  • Do not invest life funds in anime. If you are young you may find yourself getting bored with anime after a while.

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