How to Become an Online Marketing Consultant

Online marketing refers to marketing activities on the Internet through email, websites, social and digital media. The marketing techniques that a business uses online are much different from those in a traditional marketing campaign. An online marketing consultant puts the vision, products and message of his client in front of potential customers. The Internet provides businesses with an opportunity to deliver products and services to millions of viewers every day 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The marketing consultant must develop a plan to put the client's business in front of viewers in a way to encourage sales.


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    Pursue a marketing and business degree. While the techniques involved in traditional marketing are different from those an online marketing consultant will use, the principles of the business still apply.
    • Search for a degree program that includes courses in online and Internet marketing as well as traditional marketing techniques.
    • Copy writing and marketing communication can prepare the online marketing consultant with the basics for creating online content to market a client's business or products.
    • Include business management courses in the degree program for a career as a consultant. Consultants may be self-employed workers or may work in an online marketing firm.
    • Courses in Internet marketing should include search engine marketing, search engine optimization, pay per click advertising and web analytics.
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    Search for a position in an online marketing firm. Working in a marketing firm provides the professional with an opportunity to work with and learn from seasoned online marketers.
    • Working in the marketing firm also provides the marketer with experience in the field, which is an important qualification that business clients will search for when hiring an online consultant.
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    Market the consulting business. The first client an online marketing professional must serve is himself.
    • Use educational credentials and experience to market the consultancy business.
    • A business website is essential for an online marketing professional. The website should provide the potential client with information about the services the consultant provides and the type of work he performs.
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    Pursue continuing education courses. The Internet is a tremendous marketplace for online businesses, but it is constantly changing, expanding and moving forward. Marketing consultants must be prepared for the changes to the Internet to serve clients.
    • There are new opportunities to market businesses constantly evolving online such as social media and text messaging. The possibilities to deliver the client's message are endless on the Internet.
    • Workshops and online seminars give Internet marketers new techniques and methods for serving clients.


  • The website for an online marketing professional is the first opportunity clients may have to evaluate your business skills and services. Use a website designer to ensure the consulting business website is professional and displays the type of work the client can expect from his marketing consultant.

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