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Information technology (IT) consultants work with business clients to improve the information technology department in an organization. Consultants assist companies in the implementation of new technology in the organization and provide advice on how the company may maximize the existing technology. The consultant may work in a consultancy firm or as an independent business owner.


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    Pursue a degree in information technology. A Bachelor's degree in information technology is necessary to work in the field.
    • An advanced education can provide the candidate with a competitive advantage in the job market. The consultant must have knowledge of a wide variety of areas in the information technology field to provide businesses with services.
    • Business courses are necessary for the consultant planning a career as an independent business owner in the computer technology field. Self-employed information consultants must have marketing, management and business finance skills to operate a consultancy business.
    • An undergraduate degree program for information technology professionals includes computer science or information science.
    • The courses in a degree program provide a well-rounded education and include computer programming, computer engineering, statistics, advanced mathematics, database management, information system security and networking.
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    Search for positions in the information technology field. An entry-level position in an information technology consultancy firm or the IT department in a company can provide the experience to advance to a career as a consultant.
    • Search in classified advertisements and online sources for a position in the information technology field.
    • A position under the supervision of an experienced information technology consultant provides the entry-level worker with on the job training.
    • Students may pursue an entry-level position while obtaining a degree. A position in the computer field can prepare the student for a better paying position upon graduation.
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    Obtain professional certifications. Professional certifications demonstrate expertise in a variety of information technology related subjects.
    • Hardware and software companies provide credentials to IT professionals who complete a training program.
    • Professional certifications can enhance employment opportunities and serve as a selling point for independent consultants.
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    Network with information technology professionals. Networking with professionals in the field can provide a wealth of information about new technologies, changes in the field and employment opportunities.
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    Pursue continuing education courses. The information technology field is constantly changing and evolving, which requires the continuation of the professional's education.
    • To remain up to date on the latest technology, consultants can complete courses offered through software and hardware companies.
    • Employers may provide continuing education for consultants to maintain the expertise of the staff.
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    Search for a position as an information technology consultant or work as an independent consultant. Consultants with the educational background and skills have the opportunity to work for an established company or work independently.

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