How to Become an English Teacher in Texas

A career in teaching can be very rewarding, and many programs have been developed to help those who have started in other careers - such as the military - transition to a teaching career. While the general steps for becoming a teacher are the same regardless of subject, there are special requirements to become a Texas English teacher. If you want to know how to become an English Teacher in Texas, follow these steps.


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    Earn a bachelor's degree. Because most Texas colleges and universities do not offer a degree in Education, potential teachers must earn a degree in another subject. For potential English teachers, a degree in English is a good idea. Some Texas higher education institutions offer degree programs with a teacher training component. If you already have a bachelor's degree, you may qualify to take an alternative teacher training program that allows you to earn a teaching certificate without requiring another bachelor's degree and accelerate your process to an English Teacher Certification.
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    Complete a teacher training program. These courses offer training in classroom management, effective teaching, and other necessary skills for teachers. They may also include intensive work in the subject you have chosen to teach, such as English. You can find teacher training programs at many public colleges and universities, along with school districts and other community organizations.
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    Take and pass an exam. Texas Biology Certification exams are available from the Texas Board of Education as computer-based tests. Check with the school district where you plan to apply for a biology teaching job to see if test preparation materials are available. If you have never taken a computer-based test, consider a program that will help to put you at ease about computer-based exams.
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    Pass the certification exam. Most certification exams are available through the Texas Education Agency site on the Education Testing Service website. Some courses are available at a testing site and others are available online. In addition to the courses specific to those who want to become a Texas English Teacher, there are additional courses your new employer may require. Check with your local school district for exact requirements.
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    Apply for a job teaching English. The Texas Education Agency oversees more than 1,200 school districts containing over 8,000 schools in the state of Texas, so chances are a school district near you is looking for English teachers at either the high school or middle school level. Because teaching jobs are popular, you should consider applying for multiple jobs at the same time.


  • Consider obtaining a grant to pay your tuition. Because teachers are in demand, there are many programs available that will offset or partially offset your tuition in exchange for your promise to teach in an under served area for a specific period of time.
  • If you already hold an English Teacher Certification from another state or country, you may be able to skip most of these steps, because in some cases, Texas finds teaching certifications from other states or countries acceptable. Check with the Texas Board of Education to determine if your credential can be transferred. If so, you can obtain your Texas English Teacher Certification by passing the certification exams.

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