How to Become an English Teacher in Spain

Many individuals who have qualifications in teaching, or an interest in language instruction, may try to figure out how to become an English teacher in Spain. The nation of Spain utilizes a great deal of personnel for English instruction in schools and other venues. If you want to know how to become an English teacher in Spain, take advantage of these basic steps that are often recommended by experts and those who have experience in this field.


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    Comply with all legal requirements for living and working in Spain. Although some English teachers in Spain may teach without going through all of these legal requirements, compliance with legal guidelines is necessary for a secure, long-term job in the country. The standards required by the Spanish government vary according to your country of origin. For those within the European Union, it's easy to travel to Spain and set up shop as a language instructor. For others from around the world, it can be more difficult.
    • Get the right visa, if applicable. Individuals from outside the European Union need a visa to legally work in Spain.
    • Obtain other legal requirements that may help provide for a transitional visa. In some cases, employers may be able to use a "residencia," or proof of residence, or other legal items to help establish the person as an English teacher in their schools. Talk to native Spaniards and do research at local government offices to find out whether there is an alternative path for your legal transition based on your chosen occupation or other factors.
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    Get qualifications in language instruction. Most schools prefer to hire teachers with actual qualifications in English-language teaching. These will give you a better chance of employment.
    • Present a bachelor's degree in education or some other applicable degree from your country of origin. This can help you get preference over others for English-teaching jobs in Spain.
    • Earn an ESL, or English as a Second Language, teaching certificate. These certificates can be earned in as short as one month's time, and will often help you become more attractive as an English teacher candidate.
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    Reach out to schools. Start calling schools within the country and figure out what their general needs are, and whether you are an applicable and desirable candidate for this kind of work.
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    Make a deal. When you have interest from a school, go there to talk with staff and come to an arrangement about specific logistics for the job.
    • Work out pay. In order to successfully get a job as an English teacher in a Spanish school, you'll need to negotiate salary and come to an agreement on pay.
    • Figure out the hours for the job. Another essential consideration is the number of hours that the school uses your services, and when those hours will be.

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