How to Become an Auto Insurance Adjuster

Auto insurance adjusters inspect and examine the damage done to a claimant's vehicle that has been involved in an accident. Job tasks include investigating submitted claims and authorizing payments that are made to have the vehicle repaired or negotiating a settlement if the vehicle is not salvageable. There are no general requirements beyond a high school diploma for an entry-level position although some insurance companies may prefer to hire college graduates. Many insurance companies will provide on-the-job training for applicants having the right combination of skills and aptitudes. Here are some helpful tips on how to become an auto insurance adjuster.


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    Recognize that most insurance companies prefer to hire applicants that have some level of vocational training or work experience preferably within the insurance industry. Although you are not required to have a college degree to get an entry-level position, having one will provide you with a competitive edge.
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    Conduct some research and visit several insurance company websites to read the job postings and to review the required prerequisite skills for each opening. Look at both entry-level positions and senior level jobs to see what type of experience the insurance companies are seeking in their applicants.
    • Evaluate and assess your own knowledge, skills and job experience in relation to the requirements for those job openings you are interested in. This process will help you determine what type of training program you may want to consider in preparation for becoming an auto insurance adjuster.
    • If you are interested in positions that require a college education then consider getting a Bachelor's Degree. A degree program should include some foundation courses in the subject areas of business and accounting in addition to coursework related to the insurance industry.
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    Consider a work study program if you are currently in college working on a Bachelor's Degree. This type of program is similar to an internship but you will generally be paid and you will acquire some valuable skills and industry knowledge during the process.
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    Understand that many insurance companies will pre-screen applicants in determining which individuals have the aptitude to successfully complete a training program. Employers are looking for skills in communication, computer applications, analytical abilities and strong math skills.
    • Training programs provided by insurance companies will prepare applicants to develop conflict resolution skills, car inspection skills, and to learn damage assessment and estimation methods. Auto insurance adjusters must have strong writing skills for completing reports and negotiation abilities when working with policyholders during the process of settling a claim.
    • On-the-job training will teach you how to interview those involved in the accident, including witnesses, as well as contacting police and reviewing hospital records toward determining how much should be paid to cover the losses. As a trainee, you will learn how to process and authorize payments for property damage, bodily injury and liability claims that may arise as a result of an accident.
    • Preparation for a position as an auto insurance adjuster will provide an overview of basic underwriting practices and the insurance adjustment process, accounting and finance principles, laws and regulations and how to complete the necessary insurance forms when processing a claim.
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    Prepare your resume and cover letter and apply directly for any positions that you are interested in. The selection process may take several weeks before you are contacted for a potential interview to become an auto insurance adjuster.

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