How to Become an Aupair

Becoming an au pair in a foreign country is becoming all the rage. It is most popular in European countries such as Germany and France. There are many positives about becoming an au pair such as free travel, new language skills and a great reference!


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    Make up a resume, list of your work experience, and make sure you include children. If you haven't done a little bit of babysitting, then get that done first.
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    (Optional) Write an autobiographical essay, make sure you stick to the truth, nothing but the truth. If you killed a man, you killed a man. We all make mistakes and learn from that.
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    Make a photo website and upload lots of pictures of yourself, showing your character, friends and family. This will let the family know where they stand on your hobbies, how well you look after yourself and other details. No one wants a slob looking after their children.
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    Find an au pair agency, or join a free au pair search website. People have lots of luck in an agency, and lots more luck through a free website. Not many people are willing to pay the extra, even if they have it.
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    Start applying for families that you really take interest in. Read what they have to say, send them an email with your Resume, Essay and links to your pictures! If you have a blog (that isn't immature and rude) then let them in on it! They can see who you really are!
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    Read the applications you get, take care to notice that somethings don't look too fishy. Sometimes you really do get offers of paid flights and free schooling, just make sure you know how they fund this.
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    After searching through your applications of worthy subjects, then start asking for important details from them. Make a big, big list of intimidating questions to learn about negatives and positives about them. Ask about your income, their assistance with payment (if they offer nothing, move on).
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    Ask the family for references, background checks (if you are unsure, it isn't necessary), and a phone number.
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    Talk on the phone first, make sure everything is alright with them. Ask to speak to the wife, maybe even the children if it makes you feel comfortable!
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    After finding your perfect match, book an airplane ticket that is suitable for both families.
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    Pack your things and head off on your new journey!


  • If you are looking to save money, buy your ticket return before hand. Its cheaper to change if you have to go home sooner, but no one wants to go through with that. So it helps you tough out the whole situation.
  • Don't take the first family you talk to. There is a big sea full of big profit.
  • Before travel away, make sure that you know your limits. If you can't be away from the family for 6 months, then only go for 3. Only stay a year if you know, for sure, that you can handle it.
  • Don't expect to be making the big bucks here. Au pairing is strictly for the experience. If you expect to be making money, then maybe finding a job as a ESL teacher is better for you.
  • Make sure you find a family who will assist with payment of your language courses, bus pass and maybe even your flight home. The language and transport is the MOST expensive part.
  • Join au pairing groups on Facebook, Myspace. You can learn a lot more there than your family can ever teach you.
  • It's best to come with a little bit of language experience, and a little bit of cultural knowledge. If not, then...
  • Come to your new land with an open mind! Au pairing is the chance of a lifetime!


  • Some au pairs get stuck in abusive families. Make sure you get out right away! Don't compromise yourself one bit!
  • You might get caught in a family that lied on an application about very serious things, such as crimes, amount of children, your pay. Don't put yourself in a bad situation, get out immediately. There is always a family searching for a new au pair.
  • Homesickness is the number one problem with most au pairs. Make sure to make your room or small apartment yours so that you feel at home.
  • You will lose a lot of privacy. Having children running around the house can be hard, and sometimes they will manage their way into your bedroom.
  • Looking after 2, 3 or maybe even 4 little rascals can be stressful! Make sure to keep your cool, and keep it PG. Avoid swearing.
  • Many creepy men lurk Europe in search of foreigners. Just remember not to smile at random strangers and try to blend in with the crowd.

Things You'll Need

  • Clothing
  • Family photos
  • Extra spending cash
  • A little bit of prior knowledge
  • Passport

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