How to Become an Art Model

Have you ever wanted to be an art model but never knew how? Well then this is for you!


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    Find a painter. Check your classifieds, or put one in about your ability to model. Ask art studios, art colleges, artists, and photographers if they will do art of you.
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    Dress up. Take a bath, brush your teeth, comb your hair, wash your face, and dress up. If the painter wants you to wear something in specific, be sure to wear that.
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    Arrive on time, or a few minutes early of the scheduled time. This will increase the chances of the artist liking you and creating a better picture. Don't show up half an hour late, show up on time.
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    Stand still. Don't fidget around, this makes the painter have to start over and take even longer. Use the restroom before you start and rid yourself of any itches.
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    Look at the finished product. If you were doing this for yourself, look at it to see if you like the picture. If it is not yours, it is best not to ask the painter to fix something.


  • Show your family the picture.
  • Be prepared to wait several hours for weeks, art is no thing to rush.
  • Drink plenty of water beforehand so you don't get thirsty.
  • If you don't feel like standing, take a photo of yourself and give it to the painter.

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