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If you already know the basics of skateboarding but you're frustrated that you can't match the amazing stunts you've seen on TV and the internet, don't worry. By working to eliminate lingering jitters and keeping your practice routine thorough and varied, you'll be on your way to skateboarding mastery in no time.


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    Don't be scared. This is the most important thing. If you get scared, chances are you won't do the trick. And half the time, you would have landed the trick the first time had you just committed. So don't ever wuss out. How, you ask? Well, for starters, when you go up to a trick, come up with a word you can use to get yourself to commit. Some good ones are "Balls Out," "what is so hard about this trick anyway," "Be a Man," or "Just do it." These should really help you.
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    Don't get stuck skating the same old thing every single day. You will get very bored very quickly by doing the same old stuff every day, just riding, say, a Factor X ramp, or a small flat bar in your garage, or even a set of stairs near your house. Try to go out and do a new spot every day. Get your friends or even parents to drive you and some friends to different skate spots or parks--this way, you can get used to skating a bunch of different things.
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    Don't limit your skating to skateparks. Most skateparks don't have the best street obstacles, and you'd be lucky to have a stair set at the park. Instead, look for skate spots at places like supermarkets and schools. (Namely, Jewel Osco's Shipping Docks work good, and most mini malls have some good stair sets.)
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    Don't be afraid to get hurt. It doesn't matter if you slam while trying something cool; chances are, you can get back up and try it again. If you break your leg while skating, your friends will respect you for it. Every slam gets you tougher.
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    Bring your board everywhere. You never know when you'll get bored, and you never know when you'll see a good spot. Better safe then sorry.
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    Always have a friend ready to film you when you are going out to skate and try your hardest and if you fall get back up and try it again till you get you trick down.
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    If you know you can do the trick, do the trick. When you think to yourself "what if i fall off and hurt myself" or "what if i break my board". Well, chances are you won't hurt yourself and your board's gonna get wrecked (eventually),so get over it. Just think to your self "I can do this" and then just do it. And anyway, why be scared of pain? It only lasts for a few minutes, then it's all good again.


  • Don't give up, ever.
  • Be creative. There's no way to gap the grass? Put a flatbar over it. Cracks in the sidewalk that you can't skate over? Try using some sheets of wood. Can't grind the ledge over there? Get a corner piece of metal and wax it up.
  • Don't be scared!
  • Commit to the trick. Its just like dropping in for the first time, you might fall of the first few times but you will get it, and before you know it you're dropping the Monster Bowl and doing Darkslides.
  • Learn new tricks. There's nothing better than learning, say, how to tre flip flat ground while still being able to tear it up at the 12 set down at the high school.
  • Don't intentionally break decks. They cost $30 at the very least for new ones, and why waste money like that?
  • Don't be afraid of stairs. They're never as hard as they look.


  • Security guards and personnel. They will get mad if you skate on their property/ the property they have been hired to guard, and might even call the cops.
  • When the doctor says don't ride for a month and a half, that doesn't mean a month and a week. The doctor is smart; listen to him or her.

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