How to Become an Airline Gate Agent

Airline industry jobs have great perks, not the least of which is free or deeply-discounted travel to any destination in your employer's route network. Some airline industry jobs, such as pilot and flight attendant, require advanced training and frequent long-term trips, while others, such as gate agent and baggage handler, require work at the airport with little to no travel. If a job that requires travel is not for you, you may wonder how to become an airline gate agent.


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    Consider where you want to work.
    • If you want to stay in your current location, you should check for positions available with airlines with a presence at your local airport.
    • If you want to move to a different location, you should check for positions available at that location. Relocation assistance is almost certainly not likely for airline gate agent positions.
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    Find an airline. After you have determined your preferred work location, search for jobs at airlines that fly into that location. You can search each airline's website directly, or use a job search engine. You may have good luck with a search engine that specializes in aviation jobs.
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    Ensure that you are qualified for the position. In general, gate agents must be at least 18 years old, have graduated high school (or completed an equivalent program), be able to work flexible hours, have a valid driver's license, be able to lift heavy objects, and be able to pass a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) or equivalent government department background check that researches your history for at least the last 10 years. Individual airlines requirements may differ.
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    Apply for the job. Some airlines allow you to apply for jobs directly on their websites. Other airlines may prefer that you mail an application and your resume, or drop them off at the local airport.
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    Prepare for your interview. Gate agents often double as check in counter agents and can find themselves also working at the baggage claim office in smaller airports. The primary responsibilities of a gate agent include working with customers, especially with tagging and handling carry-on baggage that must be checked, scanning tickets, and boarding and deplaning aircraft. In delay situations, airline gate agents also communicate status updates to passengers, some of whom can be very unhappy about delays. Be prepared to speak about how your past experiences have prepared you to handle these sorts of situations.
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    Complete a training program. After you have been hired as a gate agent, you will have to complete a training program prepared by your airline that teaches you the specifics of being an airline gate agent for your employer. You may also be required to take additional training prepared by the FAA and your local airport. When you have successfully completed your training program, you will be ready for your first day at the gate.

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