How to Become a Teenage Vegetarian

Becoming a vegetarian can be stressful, as you have to avoid certain products and foods to be actually counted as vegetarian. Vegetarianism is to abstain from all forms of meat product, such as fish, red meat, chicken, etc. 'Vegan' is not a shorter word for vegetarian. To be vegan is to abstain from eating or owning any clothing item (fur coats, leather items) or food that was once part of a living animal.


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    Take vegetarianism one step at a time. Most people don't become vegetarian overnight; it does require patience and practice. Although many people do decide at one point to quit eating meat, it is easier to just take one meat product from a particular animal out of your diet at a time. For example, if you don't like pig product (bacon, ham, pork, hot dogs, etc.) or cow product (beef), then just resolve to not eat that particular type when offered to you. If you'd like, simply eliminate all red meat (pig, or cow) from your diet. Chicken and fish are white meat, and are often more substantial and healthy than red meat (they're also less likely to contain preservatives and diseases). However, keep in mind that any type of meat, red or white is still meat.
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    Help others cope. As a teenager, your parents may feel they don't trust you to make the right decision. Some people may find it very offensive when you tell them that you don't eat meat. Becoming vegetarian isn't just a decision; it's a way of life. You need to make it clear that it's your diet, your life, your choice. Most teens will have understanding parents, but just in case your parents keep on serving you meat, make sure you have salad or soup or grains at hand, to eat when there isn't really another choice (few parents are likely to keep on serving you meat over and over if you refuse to eat it).
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    Maintain discipline. To become fully vegetarian, you can't eat meat. Ever. Vegetarians don't have a cheat day where they eat a burger and then decide they won't have another for a month. After eliminating your diet of meat, eating it again will consider you a non-vegetarian.
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    Eat protein everyday. Although meat contains the majority of protein in a normal diet, there are plenty of foods that have protein in them that aren't meat. Consider soy products, like tofu or veggie burgers. Those have plenty of protein and they're both delicious! There are also substitute meats for beef and chicken that taste pretty good, but always make sure to read the ingredients as assurance that the product doesn't have meat in it.
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    Don't use vegetarianism as a diet tool. A side effect for many vegetarian people is losing a few pounds, but do not make losing weight by cutting meat out of your diet your ultimate goal. When you do this, you are cutting protein out. Eating tofu and veggie burgers as a substitute for meat will keep your weight relatively the same, and you won't lose weight. Therefore you will most likely resolve to not eat protein at all as a diet method. However, if you don't eat any protein, your body will get sick very quickly and will lose nutrition you need as a young adult/teenager (13-18) to survive.


  • Tell people about your new lifestyle! Not eating meat isn't something to be ashamed of any more than eating meat is.
  • There are many reasons why people, especially earlier in life, choose to abstain from the consumption of meat. Both moral and ethical reasons can apply such as from religious reasons, animal treatment, or simply a hatred of the taste and texture of meat in general.
  • Remember that eating healthy and dieting are two completely different things. Eating healthy is changing your diet as a whole, such as eliminating sugars and junk foods completely. Dieting is eliminating unhealthy foods for a small amount of time, and having a cheat day now and then (complete no-no). Eat healthy as a vegetarian; it'll make you happier and confident!


  • Don't have a cheat day! As a vegetarian, you can't eat meat ever. You can't not eat meat for 2 months, eat a bunch of meat for a week, and then go back to not eating meat. That's called dieting, not vegetarianism.

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