How to Become a Teacher in Lebanon

Becoming a teacher in Lebanon isn't a very hard thing to do, but you always have to get the right papers to enter a school.


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    In university, choose the field you want to teach (ex.Pure Mathematics). Learn about it and get your license but be careful with the language, because in Lebanon there are 5 basic teaching languages (French, English, Arabic, German and Russian) adding to that a 6th language but not a basic one; Armenian.
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    Pass all your credits with high grades. Schools only accept high grades. Study really hard.
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    Get your official personal papers to present to the director of the college:
    • Personal identifying papers (not the ID card) إخراج قيد إفرادي (Ikhraj Kaid Ifradi) to check if your identity is real. You can get this from the Mayor.
    • ID card or passport.
    • 4 passport photos.
    • Your license/Masters/PhD. Generally, schools do not accept your license only, you may want to be trained with an already working teacher, while working on your masters or your PhD. Do not expect to be hired on your first day, many respected schools have you working for at least a year to decide to hire you or not, 80% of the "stage fright" are not accepted by integrated schools. The most popular school at hard training is "Lycée Catholique Des Soeurs Des Saints-Coeurs".
    • Personal court papers:سجل عدلي (Sijil Adli) to check if you are banned from your civil rights(murder/murder try...).
    • If any additional papers were asked, go ask for them in the specific official department.
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    Pass your faculty test/ Pedagogy test. These two tests are very important and very basic, the Catholic Pedagogic Center in Lebanon does not allow teachers that don't have the grades for these 2 tests (In schools that teach the French Bach. request from all the staff the DALF test which is a hard test, made specially for teachers: the minimum grades to pass are as follow:
    • C for french language teachers (highest grade is "D" because the french grades are opposite to american ones (A+ highest grade in America, D is the one in France).
    • B for scientific teachers, catechists, and normal staff.
    • If they caught you lying, your diploma will be taken away from you and annulled! You have to present these tests three times a year. The first during summer break, the second during Christmas break, the third is during Easter break. That means two times in the beginning and the end of the year, and one during your 2 months break.
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    Pass the specific asked tests (additional tests: teaching language speaking and comprehension (ex. French).
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    Start teaching! But you have to renew your license every two or so years. Ask the direction for more information.


  • You need to have a good Court Paper review to enter a school and to teach inside it.
  • You need to have good manners.
  • Not interested in private schools? Present your request to public schools.
  • Get all your papers settled up before you present your request to any school.
  • Generally, all the respected Lebanese colleges are Catholic/Protestant colleges, so be sure to present your request to any of these schools, but you have to be Christian to enter them! (72% of the Lebanese are in Catholic schools).
  • If you are a non-Christian, present your request to Islamic schools.

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