How to Become a Student Bank Teller

Many banks offer opportunities for students to learn about the banking industry and gain banking experience through on-the-job training. Student bank teller positions involve the same tasks as regular bank teller positions: processing financial transactions (deposits, withdrawals and check-cashing); greeting customers; providing bank product information or selling services; handling cash; entering computer data, and using general math skills. Here are some tips for how to become a student bank teller.


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    Inquire with area banks about student employment programs. Often, information is available on the bank's website. However, smaller banks don't always advertise these programs. Call each bank in your local area and inquire about student employment. It may be necessary to ask for someone in human resources or to speak to the branch manager directly.
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    Acquire verification of your student status. Many banks that offer positions to students require proof of enrollment. This verification may be provided with a class schedule, a letter from your advisor or your latest grade reports. Other ways to prove your status as a student include verification from the admissions office or a letter from your dean. Whatever form the verification, have it ready to provide to each bank when you apply for a teller position.
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    Apply for positions. Write a cover letter that briefly highlights your intentions, experience and skills. Provide a resume to accompany your cover letter. If you don't have a lot of work experience to include on your resume, explain other skills and experience you may have. Include all extra-curricular activities or community service projects you're involved in, as well as awards and recognition you've received. In addition to submitting your enrollment verification, resume and cover letter, many banks require you to complete an application. Fill it out completely and honestly.
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    Wait for a response. Sometimes banks must sort through numerous applications for just one position. Be patient as you wait for a phone call or a letter from the bank.
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    Contact the bank. If you haven't heard anything for a couple of weeks, call the bank to check on your application status. It's common for a company that is hiring employees to be open about the process. For instance, they may tell you that candidates are currently being identified for interviews. Or, the human resources representative may inform you that interviews have been conducted and letters will be sent out soon. If it's an ongoing application process, feel free to ask if it would be appropriate to make an appointment to discuss the opportunities further with the bank officials.


  • Take business, finance and math classes to help prepare you for becoming a student bank teller.

Things You'll Need

  • Resume and cover letter
  • Proof of student status
  • Telephone
  • Computer with printer

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