How to Become a Sporty Girl in 1 Summer

Two Methods:Get the LookBeing Sporty

In the past, did everyone hate you for being bad at sports? No one passed you the ball because they though that you would make the team lose. You see that popular girl who looks super cute and does amazing in soccer. If that's the case, and you want to change your reputation, you have come to the right place.

Method 1
Get the Look

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    Be clean. Chances are when you're doing all those sports, you'll sweat. This means taking a shower everyday using a body wash. Wash your hair every other day with shampoo and if you want conditioner on the ends. Brush your teeth twice a day and floss once at night. Use deodorant and a sweet smelling body lotion or body spray.
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    Get the clothes. Sporty girls almost wear a pair of high quality runners 24/7. That means you must own at least 1 pair of super reliable runners. Sketchers and Nike are good brands. In the winter, wear Uggs. Also wear flip flops, heels, and flats from time to time. Buy tons of tank tops and graphic tees. Try to get tight fitting ones. Also buy comfy clothes too. Wear oversized tees and sweaters. Wear lots of shorts, jeans, leggings, and capris. Also make them tight fitting and own sweatpants, skirts, and 1 or 2 dresses for special occasions.
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    Have awesome hair. Wash it every other day using a good smelling shampoo and optional, a smooth conditioner. Only apply conditioner to your ends as it will dry out your roots. When you get out of the shower, put your hair in a towel. After 5 minutes or so, take it out. Then let the rest air dry. Brush your hair everyday in the morning, if you're going out. Headbands and hair ties are your best friends. Wear tons of them. The basic high pony, left down, pinned up bangs, side braid, and curls are great styles.

Method 2
Being Sporty

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    Be fit. Exercise everyday for at least 30 minutes. This can be biking, swimming, dancing in your room, soccer, yoga, push ups, sit ups, etc. Do any exercise everyday. You can also do 2 or 3 a day. Switch exercises every week or so. Eat healthy. Eat lots of protein, such as chicken, fish, tofu, and nuts. Also eat fruits and vegetables. Drink lots of water and drink milk or eat yogurt every morning. Also drink some apple juice or orange juice or any kind of juice. Try to get at least 8 hours of sleep every night, because it will help your body restore its strength and makes you healthy and energetic.
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    Play sports. Soccer, badminton, dance, hockey, volleyball, dodgeball, tennis, etc. Do any sports you like. Play at least 2 sports. Practice them everyday to get better at them. Also if your sport uses a ball, don't be afraid of the ball. Just play your best and practice to get better. To get better at sports, you need some strength and flexibility. Try doing swimming or yoga.
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    Run fast. Run everyday and don't look back. Run as fast as you can. Do it everyday. It will be a pain, but it helps you become the fastest girl/person in your class! If you have long legs, lucky! You're probably already quite fast, you just don't know it. So yeah, run everyday using a good pair of runners. Make sure to drink tons of water after this.
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    Be popular. Make tons of friends. Be a super kind person, and talk to all different kinds of people. Try to make friends with lots of boys and sporty girls. Talk about sporty stuff and try to be funny and easygoing. Don't be a brat or selfish. Sporty girls are always popular.
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    Smile and laugh a lot. Sporty girls like to put themselves out there. Smile whenever it's appropriate. Laugh whenever someone tells you a funny joke. Tell other people funny jokes. Just smile a lot and laugh. This attracts people in an addicting way. Practice these steps over the summer, and you'll go back to school popular. Everyone will pass you the ball.


  • If you want to wear makeup, only wear mascara, eye shadow, concealer and powder, and lip balm.
  • Don't play with your hair a lot. It's too annoying and girly.
  • If someone insults you, just insult them back in a true but mean way.


  • Jealous girls might bully you. Just ignore them. If it gets physical, tell an adult.
  • Be yourself, or else you'll look desperate.

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