How to Become a Reformed Vandal on Wikipedia

If you have been blocked indefinitely from Wikipedia and you want to reform, here are some tips that can help you.


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    Find out whether you were banned or blocked, because both require different procedures.
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    Find out what you were blocked/banned for. It will usually say so on your talk page or when you try to edit a page.
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    See how long you are blocked/banned for. If it is short, you should just wait for the block/ban to end. If you were banned and the block is indefinite, you may have to wait at least 3 months before emailing for an unban.
    • If blocked, and your talk page is not protected, you may still request an unblock by adding {{Unblock|reason}} to the bottom of your talk page.
    • If banned, however, you must e-mail an appeal to an Arbitration Committee member, or, you may request unblock so you may request an appeal.
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    Visit these Wikipedia pages also: Appealing a block, [and discussions].


  • It is a good idea to apologize for your previous behavior.
  • Try not to vandalize or cause disruption to Wikipedia in the first place.
    • If you are a well known vandal, the chances of you being unbanned/unblocked are slim to none.
  • Do things to provide evidence that you have reformed your ways. These could include showing your good contributions to the other Wikimedia Foundation wikis Commons and Simple Wikipedia.
  • If you are asked to do 2nd chance edits, remove the categories from the duplicate of the article on your talk page and add a diff link of your edits once your finished as evidence in case the duplicate is removed.
  • Accept the decision of the appeal and try again in a few months if it does not go your way. Arguing with or threatening people will only serve to prove that the block/ban was right in the first place and that you have not changed.
  • If you socked before and want the privilege to use a benevolent sockpuppet i.e. alternate account back, then do not appeal the block of the benevolent sockpuppet/alternate account on its talk page, regardless of any advice you may have read or been informed of to the contrary as this will result in your main account also being indefinitely blocked because wikipedia will assume you are going to start vandalizing. Instead, use the Admin noticeboard/ incidents or the talk page of the main account.


  • Never make legal threats as they in themselves will result in an indefinite block. If you already have, then retract them in your next unblock request. Do be aware, that admins are able to disable your talk page access for any valid reason including legal threats. If this is the case, use the UTRS system and never under any circumstances sock-puppet to appeal. Doing so will result in any alternate accounts created by a blocked/banned user to be assumed to be single purpose accounts and indefinitely blocked on sight with talk page access revoked.
  • Do not create alternate accounts or use different IPs/open proxies/TOR nodes to edit while banned/blocked. That could result in the ban/block being lengthened, and the community to assume less faith in you.
  • If you abuse {{Unblock}}, then an administrator may revoke your talk page privileges, making the unblocking process harder. You may still use UTRS, though. Obviously, some types of abuse will make getting unblocked harder but don't just give up if you want to edit wikipedia.

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