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This is a simple guide on how to be a Punk Rocker. Being a Punk, of course, is about individuality, so use these as only basic guide-lines and feel free to disregard some points if you wish.


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    Listen to punk music! There are many different sub-genres of punk, and it's best not to limit yourself to just only one. Listen to as much as possible, and if you like something, go for it! Any punk who claims you are a poser could be called one himself, for being a Punk is about freedom to do whatever you wish! If you want to listen to a band, listen to them! Try going to your local record stores and sifting through some of the second hand albums to find some new or unknown bands. Keep in mind that you don't have to listen to exclusively punk music, and that it's actually considered cool by many to listen to a variety of genres.
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    Go to your local record store. Listen to punk and proto-punk bands like The Germs, Iggy and the Stooges, Buzzcocks, The Misfits, Minor Threat, Black Flag, The Dead Kennedys, etc.
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    Wear shirts with your favorite punk-band's logos on them. They are very fashionable in the Punk scene. Also, try customizing your clothes. Buying trousers with patches sewn into them is much less "punk" than sewing on your own patches- one with messages or symbols that mean something to you, or the names of bands you like. You can usually find some good clothes in thrift stores, as well as specialist punk/goth/emo stores. The advantage of thrifting is the low prices and wide variety of unique options.
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    Attend gigs and shows put on by your favorite bands. You'll meet other people who enjoy the same music as you, and have great fun.
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    Remember it's all about being yourself! Wear WHATEVER YOU WANT TO. Punk is about identity and individuality. As John Lydon said, "the punks ruined it. They developed a unified image and attitude." If you want to be a punk, be a punk. You don't have to change yourself.
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    Care about something. Apathy is conformity. Find something you're passionate about and take back your desire to change the world. Get head over heels into veganism, feeding the homeless, or whatever else. Join a movement or organization for solidarity- Food Not Bombs is an organization that does amazing work, plus it's considered a "terrorist organization" by the government. Celebrate interesting or obscure holidays like "Buy Nothing Day". Make your voice heard and don't let anyone tell you to quiet yourself.
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    Make your own stuff. Grow food plants on your fire escape. Tomatoes are good because you can fertilize them with used coffee grounds. Check out books like Food Not Lawns. Learn to knit and get free patterns from sites like knitty. Quit buying much, and be a consumerist sheep. Do you really even need all that rubbish? You wouldn't be a wage slave if you weren't up to your eyeballs in credit card debt for stuff you only want because the TV said you should. Don't be brainwashed by the media. Remember punk is a state of mind!


  • Although all punks are usually different, they have one thing in common - an attitude! You should always stand up for yourself and what you believe in, and voice your opinion to anyone willing to hear it.
  • Don't discriminate. The punk scene is staunchly opposed to homophobia, racism, sexism and other irrational hatred.
  • Remember punk is all attitude, not just about the look.
  • Quote: Don't worry about what others think, because they seldom do.
  • If you want to be a punk, you don't have to be all "ANARCHY!!!!!" Just be who you are.
  • Try army/military surplus stores for awesome boots/jackets,remember, these were meant for battle situations, and you want something that can stand firm at a punk show or in a mosh pit.
  • Don't let anyone tell you what is or isn't punk. Punk is an appreciation for punk culture that derived in the 70's, mainly in England and New York, but in tons of other places too. If you listen to mostly modern punk bands like Green Day and MCR, that's perfect also.
  • Don't let anyone call you a poser, and be sure to give them an evil look if they do.
  • Start from the beginning and listen to ,UK SUBS(important)Cheap Sex,Alice Cooper, Bad Brains, Bad Religion, Black Flag, The Buzzcocks, Circle Jerks, The Clash, The Cramps, Crass, Dead Kennedys, The Descendents, Die Toten Hosen, Discharge, Iggy Pop and the Stooges, Lower Class Brats, Minor Threat, The Misfits, Green Day, NOFX, Philippine Violators, The Ramones, Red Union, The Ruts, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Talking Heads, The Sex Pistols,Stiff Little Fingers, The Wuds, The Youth, Subhumans, D.O.A, Yano.. etc.
  • Remember punk ISN'T about being against every authority.
  • Do something cool with your hair to make you stand out, like dying it an outrageous color. Or, if you want to play it safe, do just streaks. Mohawks are an often used hairstyle, as well as liberty spikes.
  • Start your own band. (optional)
  • Wear makeup sparingly, cake it on, whatever you want to do. Remember that it's about YOU.
  • Careful not to cross the "metal" line. Just because it has flames on it does not make it rockabilly or punk.
  • Try not to be a cliché.


  • Don't take trash from people that think punks are freaks!
  • Remember sometimes the best way to be punk is by not dressing punk, take a little punk fashion, some emo, goth, or rockabilly or whatever and just merge it together to be yourself
  • These steps are not a rule book, there is no such thing as punk rules.
  • Remember that the difference between a punk and a poser is the heart, If you're not being yourself...Its not punk.
  • You do not actually need to dress in any certain way to be punk. (look at Henry Rollins or Ian MacKaye for example, they've adopted an anti-fashion)

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