How to Become a Proctor

If you've heard about people making money by sitting and watching other people take tests, you may be interested in how to become a proctor. The job role of a proctor is, in many senses, somewhat easy, although some challenges do apply to many proctoring jobs. People who work multiple jobs may be drawn to a proctoring role because it often allows the proctor to get other work done (record keeping, reading, etc.) while they are being paid to observe testing. Some basic steps will help you if you are trying to transition into a role as a proctor.


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    Experience test taking. In order to be a good proctor, you need to know about how the general testing environment works. Observe some tests, either as a student or an independent bystander, to understand just what a proctor does and how the role facilitates test taking.
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    Use all relevant degrees and certifications. Although you don't always need relevant education to be a proctor, sometimes having a specialized degree helps. In many cases, the proctor will be someone who has connections to a university program in a specific field. That's one way to break into test proctoring.
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    Become familiar with the rules for a test. Ideally, if you are looking to proctor a specific kind of test, whether it's an LSAT, an SAT or a trades or mechanical aptitude test, then you're going to want to know as much about that particular test as possible. Many times, you will find out these details from a client company or employer, but knowing them up front may help you land your first proctoring gigs.
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    Find a sponsor company or employer. Generally, the acting test proctors will need to be employed by a specific business that has a need for ongoing proctoring. These kinds of firms include corporate training companies, independent certification firms and privatized education companies such as SAT prep companies. Finding these companies will help you apply to become a proctor and get ongoing work in this job role.
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    Be available. In the end, getting consistent proctoring work depends on your ability to be where you are needed. In some cases, there are not many concrete requirements for the proctor besides showing up in the right place on time. That's why punctuality is so important for your best chance at continuing work as a test proctor.


  • Always keep an eye out at schools and companies. If you are a student, you may find opportunities on the job boards at your school. If you work for a company in almost any field, you may be able to land work taking on proctoring for corporate tests as part of a human resources department.


  • Don't expect it to always be easy. Some proctoring requires firm attention to the power relationship between proctors and students. Some students will try to take advantage of inexperience or other weakness in a proctor. The best test proctors are always professional, savvy about test-taking requirements, and able to keep an eye on students to make sure no cheating occurs.

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