How to Become a Pool Boy

A pool boy is responsible for cleaning homeowners' pools, though some also service public pools. Aspiring pool boys should enjoy being outdoors in the sunshine, and should have a working knowledge of the supplies necessary to keep a pool clean. Use these tips to learn how to become a pool boy.


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    Learn the services necessary for a pool boy job. Take a class or read a manual addressing pool maintenance, debris removal and pH levels.
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    Get certified, if necessary. Find out if you need a license or certification in your area. Some states require you to obtain a license to clean public pools. Other states even require certifications to clean private pools.
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    Determine the supplies you need. Most pool boys typically use pool chemicals, a skimmer and a net.
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    Buy pool supplies. If you are just starting out in this industry, you may be able to hold off on purchasing items if your clients allow you to use their supplies. However, you should invest in supplies once you make some money from your pool boy position.
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    Purchase a vehicle to transport your supplies. Most pool boys use a truck or van to transport their large equipment, such as skimmers and vacuums.
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    Acquire a uniform. Most pool boys wear minimal clothing, such as shorts or a bathing suit. Lightweight clothing that covers the skin will provide necessary sun protection.
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    Decide how to collect money. Cash and checks are typically the easiest methods of payment, but accepting credit and debit cards may expand your customer base. Get a merchant account if you want to accept credit card payments.
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    Design and distribute marketing materials.
    • Create marketing materials. Consider marketing pieces like business cards, flyers, posters and postcards. Order business cards that feature your name and phone number. Flyers, posters and postcards should list your services, prices and contact information.
    • Distribute your marketing materials. You can go door-to-door handing out flyers or business cards, or mail postcards directly to addresses in your local area. Post your marketing materials on bulletin boards at local stores.
    • Provide your marketing materials to local pool supply stores. Meet with each store's owner or manager, and let them know that you are a pool boy looking for new clients.
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    Secure contracts for cleaning pools.
    • Access online job websites for pool services. Online job sources may offer leads for short-term independent contractor jobs or full-time positions with pool cleaning companies.
    • Read the newspaper classified ads. Homeowners typically use the newspaper to advertise when they need their pools cleaned. Public pool owners often use classified advertising to attract potential employees and contract workers.
    • Contact local pool cleaning companies. Local companies might need to fill an existing pool boy position or add to their staff.


  • Protect your skin from the sun. When working as a pool boy, apply sunscreen and wear a hat to protect your skin from daily sun damage. Sunglasses are also helpful to protect your eyes.
  • Offer your services year round. While you will get more business in the summer, you will have less competition in the fall and winter. You also can service hot tubs and indoor pools in the colder seasons.

Things You'll Need

  • Pool equipment
  • Uniform
  • Sunscreen, hat and sunglasses
  • Fliers and business cards
  • Spacious vehicle
  • License or certification, if necessary

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