How to Become a Police Officer in Arizona

There are two ways to go about in becoming a police officer in Arizona: 1. One option and the standard step is to contact a law enforcement agency and schedule an appointed or 2. Applicants can attend the academy at their own expense without the required appointment with the law enforcement agency, a candidate can accepted as an "Open Employee" as long as they meet the minimum requirements.

Out of state applicants who meet all the requirements and have served honorably and complete the AZPOST Waiver Process, can skip attending the academy.


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    All applicants will need to meet the minimum qualifications to become a police officer in Arizona
    • Must be a US citizen.
    • Must be at least 21 years old.
    • A high school graduate or have a GED.
    • Should have never used or sold illegal drugs.
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    An applicant must set an appointment with an Arizona law enforcement agency. During this step the applicant will go through a medical examination, a background check and a polygraph test.
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    If the candidate passes all the tests, the agency will enroll the applicant to an academy. Applicants must complete the AZ Post mandated basic peace officer course that will last a minimum of 585 hours.
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    Former Arizona peace officers who were out of the force less than three years from the new date of appointment can be reinstated without the need to attend the academy. They will however need to undergo the background process again which includes the physical and polygraph exams.
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    Former Arizona peace officers who are out of the force for three years or more from the new appointment date will have their training status marked as lapsed. They can avail of the AZ POST Waiver Process to become re-certified without needing to attend the academy again.


  • Be fit physically and mentally as the AZ POST have strict medical and physical requirements.
  • Although the minimum requirement states a high school or GED, applicants with an Associate's or Bachelor's degree will progress much faster than with applicants without a degree. You will also be eligible for a higher starting pay.
  • Keep yourself out of trouble and don't use drugs, as the AZ POST has a strict standard of ethics and personal conduct requirement. Any infractions/convictions involving drugs, felonies, misdemeanors, alcohol, etc will be an automatic dis-qualifier.

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