How to Become a Pilates Instructor

Working toward Pilates fitness instructor certification is a challenging goal, but one that is worthwhile if you love group exercise and fitness. If you are willing to put in the time and effort, you can become certified and begin teaching Pilates in less than a year. As a Pilates instructor, you're able to help others reach their fitness goals while also maintaining your own fitness.


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    Choose a reputable fitness organization for Pilates instructor training and certification. Carefully consider what sort of fitness organization you want to be affiliated with. Where you obtain your Pilates fitness instructor certification will influence your future job search outcome after training. Various organizations offer training and certification, but not all of them are reputable or recognized by gyms and other fitness or health facilities. Ask other Pilates instructors about their training, and know that well-known fitness training organizations, such as American Fitness Professionals & Associates (AFPA), offer legitimate and specialized group instructor training of all types.
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    Think about your overall fitness career goals. Work with an organization that will help you conveniently reach those goals. You can first obtain a Group Fitness Instructor Certification through certain professionally recognized fitness training organizations, such as America's Authority on Fitness (ACE). Basic group exercise training and certification will help to open more doors and provide you with a stronger foundation for specialized training, including Pilates certification.
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    Examine your chosen Pilates instructor training program and series of required courses, as well as the needed prerequisites. Understand exactly what you have to accomplish to become certified, and consider the total cost of training before you make a commitment. Calculate added costs for prerequisites, such as CPR training.
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    Take necessary prerequisite courses, including CPR, before you begin Pilates instructor training. Ask your training organization whether or not you can take prerequisite courses as a part of your Pilates training. Find out whether the fitness organization will accept outside prerequisite courses or certifications.
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    Make sure you get appropriate fitness credits for any training you complete. Many fitness training organizations calculate course credits for certification in the same way most colleges and universities calculate accumulation of credits toward a degree. Sometimes fitness credits can be applied to other types of certifications.
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    Begin Pilates fitness instructor training at home or through live instruction. Order your Pilates instructor training materials to study and practice with at home, or register for and attend your chosen Pilates certification course. Complete all required training and testing for certification.
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    Set up informational interviews with potential fitness organizations, such as gyms, dance studios and other fitness venues or health facilities. Find out whether or not you will need further training to start teaching courses. Some gyms and other recreational facilities require a certain level of Pilates fitness instructor certification, or they may require more than one certificate.
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    Begin your Pilates instructor job search. Apply directly for Pilates teaching jobs or utilize your fitness training organization's job placement services. Ask other Pilates instructors about possible job openings. Offer to co-teach or substitute teach Pilates classes. Network and develop professional relationships with other fitness and dance instructors, gym managers and others who might help you land teaching jobs. Remember that the rapport you build with Pilates class participants will also help you get and maintain Pilates instructor jobs.
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    Stay certified as a Pilates instructor with continuing education. Carefully review procedures for re-certification and follow necessary requirements for continuing education accreditation to maintain Pilates instructor jobs.

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