How to Become a Notary Public in Wisconsin

As public officials, Notaries Public take an oath of office in order to be able to certify signatures and act as witnesses in certain legal proceedings. Notaries Public often work at law offices, banks and accounting firms. Requirements to become a notary public in Wisconsin are not challenging, but they do require some degree of organization and ability to follow instructions in order to make sure paperwork is correctly processed.


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    Review eligibility requirements, and make sure you are qualified to be a notary public in Wisconsin.
    • Requirements include a criminal record free of any felonies or misdemeanors involving violation of public trust. Applicants must have an 8th grade or higher education and be 18 years of age or older.
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    Read the Notary Public information brochure at to help you understand the duties and responsibilities of a notary public.
    • Duties of a notary public include witnessing signatures, administering oaths and certifying documents. Notaries Public are commissioned on behalf of the state to be impartial and honest in performing notarial acts.
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    Visit the Wisconsin Secretary of State website at [1] to review a tutorial and take an exam testing your understanding of being a notary public. The exam is only available at this website, and it covers information listed in the online tutorial. If you fail the exam you may review the tutorial again and retake the exam.
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    Purchase an engraved seal or stamp customized with your information. Such stamps can be ordered from most major office supply stores.
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    Complete the 4-year notary public application found at You will need to provide an impression of your official seal or stamp.
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    Perform and sign the oath of office located at in front of someone who is already commissioned as a notary public.
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    Make a check out for $500 to serve as your bond. This is money you may have to forfeit if you incorrectly execute your duties as a notary public. Fill out and sign the bond form located at
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    Mail your application, certificate print out showing you successfully completed the online exam, oath of office, bond form and a processing fee check for $20 to the Wisconsin Department of Financial Institutions.
    • The address to mail your materials to is: Wisconsin Department of Financial Institutions; Attn: Notary Records; P.O. Box 7847; Madison, WI 53707.


  • Be careful to avoid careless mistakes when gathering and submitting your application materials, as these can become major time setbacks. Some common mistakes include not stamping your seal hard enough to make it visible, applying even though you are ineligible to hold the office, skipping parts of the paperwork, sending photocopies, incorrect notarization and damaged or missing paperwork.
  • It is not required that Notaries Public in Wisconsin be state or national citizens.
  • Licensed attorneys are not required to submit the oath of office or bond. They only need to complete and mail in the application and online certificate.
  • Pick up informational and application forms at the Wisconsin Department of Financial Institutions located at 345 W. Washington Avenue in Madison, Wis., if you are unable to access the forms online.

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