How to Become a Night Auditor

Night auditors work as front desk agents at hotels, motels, inns and other types of lodges. Job tasks include checking in guests during their late shift, taking reservations as well as checking out guests. Night auditors are responsible for accounting duties and reconcile the daily ledger to accurately account for usage of rooms as well as the collection of money that pays for services. Although a college degree is not necessary to successfully enter this field, interested applicants should have experience particularly in accounting or bookkeeping. Here are some helpful tips on how to become a night auditor.


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    Assess your past experience in considering a position as a night auditor. You must have strong mathematical skills with a particular emphasis on being able to accurately balance accounts, as you will be responsible for preparing and balancing a hotel's books for all financial transactions that took place earlier that day.
    • Strong customer service skills and enjoying working with the public are additional required aptitudes. You will be the initial point of contact for the hotel during your shift to answer inquiries, make reservations, provide directions to your hotel and handle general front desk transactions including greeting incoming guests.
    • A position as a night auditor requires the ability to work under pressure and to be able to multi-task. You should also have solid organizational skills and be detail oriented.
    • Bookkeeping duties as a night auditor will entail using a computer and a software spreadsheet program. Your duties may also require skills in using other types of computer software for other aspects of your job such as word processing and database systems software.
    • You will likely be responding to inquiries from incoming and potential guests via your hotel's email system. You should have developed skills in using email messaging systems and you will need to be familiar with accessing and using the Internet.
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    Understand that a general requirement for a position as a night auditor is to have a high school diploma. Many hotels and lodging establishments will provide on-the-job training.
    • Consider a Bachelor's Degree if your goal is to eventually move into a position with more responsibility such as the job of Hotel Manager. A college education, however, is not required for a position as a night auditor.
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    Gain work experience in preparation for a position as a night auditor through other types of hotel jobs. You may initially start out as a bellhop or valet, room attendant or manage the concierge desk. If you prefer working the night shift and the duties of a night auditor are appealing to you, work your way into a position as it becomes available.
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    Realize that customer service experience and accounting skills acquired from jobs within other fields can be readily transferable to a position as a night auditor. If you have the required experience, remember that most hotel and lodging establishments will generally provide you with on-the-job training.
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    Understand that many jobs today require that applicants take and pass a drug test as well as a background criminal check. Consider this before you officially complete any applications for a position as a night auditor.

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