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New Article Boosters ("NABers" or just "boosters") take a closer look at new articles on wikiHow, and they help get good content out to readers and demoting articles that need too much work to be promoted to fully published status. Boosters also play an important role in helping new writers get adjusted to wikiHow. Since boosters need to be familiar with our policies and have good coaching skills, contributors must take a test before being able to do NAB work. They are constructive with the new writers and take on the role of helping them and providing advice that will help with getting articles fully published.


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    Meet the mandatory and minimum requirements before taking the test. Please respect these requirements and only take the test if you meet the minimum requirements. If you do not possess all of the following, you will not be able to continue with the tests.
    • Your account must be at least one month old.
    • At least 300 contributions on your account. To see how many contributions you have, go to your user page and scroll to the bottom. It will say "(Your Name) has made (number) contributions to wikiHow."
    • A valid and working email address. Please use a valid and working email address for all test parts and verify that it is typed in correctly, as this is the only way to receive any tests and/or responses.
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    Study the following policies carefully. You'll be asked a variety of questions, such as whether certain titles should be changed or merged and how an article should be edited based on these policies. You're free to revisit these policies while you're taking the test.
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    Sharpen your copyediting skills. Try cleaning some of the articles in Category:Cleanup and Category:Copyedit. Some articles that you see in new article boost when you become a booster will require copyediting.
    • You can also try patrolling and editing some new articles at Special:NewPages. Make a good judgement about whether the articles should be promoted or demoted. If you think that the article should be promoted, you can make the "finishing touches" if it needs polishing. If you think that the article should be demoted, you do not have to edit it.
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    Sharpen your communication skills. You will be asked to leave notes for authors after looking over and editing new articles. Read these articles for more help:
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    Read up on how to boost new articles.
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    Take the first part of the NAB test. Go to this quiz page and answer the multiple-choice questions, which are based on the merge policy.
    • If you take it and do not pass, you won't receive an email and must wait two weeks before taking the test again.
    • If you take it and if you pass, you will receive an e-mail with part 2 of the NAB test, which is structured as follows:

      • Approximately ten title policy questions.
      • Five editing questions based on boosting scenarios.
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    Wait for a response and have patience. Expect to receive the next part of your NAB test in about a week.
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    Do part three of the test. For this part, you will receive provisional boosting rights so you can boost a certain number of articles to demonstrate your boosting abilities.


  • Boosters also receive access to the NFD Guardian tool after one month of consistent boosting. The NFD Guardian tool is similar to Quality Guardian. It displays articles that have been nominated for deletion. Admins and New Article Boosters then vote on whether to keep or delete that article. If you have been a New Article Booster for a month or more and have continuously boosted articles during that time, contact Anna to ask about NFD Guardian.
  • If you've come across a wikiHow user who has shown exceptional work editing and improving articles and isn't a New Article Booster yet, feel free to post {{Recruit Boost}} on his or her user talk page.
  • During the editing portion of the test, if you ever encounter an article you feel should have deserved a Rising Star, let Anna know this fact too.
  • To understand how NAB works, read How to Use the wikiHow New Article Boost App.
  • Understand that people often need to apply multiple times to receive NAB rights. You might be asked to edit more articles or reapply in a few months.
  • If you don't pass the test the first time, please study the policies and other items outlined in the Steps, as well as apply it to editing articles instead of focusing when you can retake it. You will feel a lot more confident when you're ready instead of just meeting the "minimum".
  • Don't just scroll through the policy page, actually read the policies.
  • You can take a practice NAB Test by clicking here.
  • If you don't get the remainder of the NAB test after five days, email
  • Practice answering questions about the site. Help answer some questions on the Help Team page as they arrive. Plus, it gives you some encouragement into getting in touch with other editors who could be a little skittish around the site.

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