How to Become a Multi Purpose Airsoft Teammate

When it is only you left, or you need a variable team member, you need to be able to do many things at a moment's notice. Here is the guide.


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    Be prepared for multiple roles. When playing, it is essential to have every role filled. Not a good thing when an important member gets killed in the game. Get a Kalashnikov AK47 Assault Rifle or M4A1/M16A3 Assault Rifle. These weapons and weapons related are great ideas for multiple purpose shooting.
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    Pick your weapon type carefully. Spring is not advised, these take a considerable amount of time and you could be shot in between firing and pulling the spring back. Get Gas, C02, or Electric. Gas is smelly, but works for weapons to get 500fps. C02 is not as advised because of the constant need to change it, but works well for getting fast, close range combat done. Electric is most advised with 450+fps and no need to constantly change it; it is also slightly noisy.
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    Make some camouflage. This is essential. It would not be a good idea to be in a green area with a yellow shirt and jeans.
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    Train the position that gets killed most. If you need a constant role of sniper, train that.
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    Prepare for the roles you might have to fill.
    • When being a sniper, the Kalashnikov AK47 is a good weapon for this. If you need to run or shoot fast, you can switch the fire rate to full auto and gun down multiple enemies. It also has a hop setting that is easily accessed and can be used to manipulate obstacles. If an enemy is hiding behind a tree, adjust your hop to hit them in the side multiple times.
    • If you are a heavy gunner, med capacity magazines are advised. Even though it is more reloading, it is faster to reload a magazine than to wind 50 pellets. Always wear decent armor. You will be under heavy fire at times. AirSoft pellets are NOT soft.
    • Support gunners are an important part of your escape from enemies. If an enemy convoy moves on top of you, your support gunner will begin firing at the convoy to get their attention while the rest of the squad moves to a vantage point. You will need lots of ammo for this position. It is advised that you have good armor. A convoy against one person with an Assault rifle is not to be underestimated. The pellets fly fast and many fly at once.
    • Frontmen are important for a few reasons. They act as an ambusher, but can know when the enemy is coming, this is an important part for the support gunner as he/she is required to cover the frontmen from fire in order to help save the team. Frontmen need to be stealthy too, if you are running from the enemy alone and you run like you just saw a ghost on a hurdle course, you are going to be spotted.
    • Shotgunner people are good for close range combat, but cannot be used with an assault rifle. Buy a small shotgun to go with your trigger happy personality. These can count as instant kills when used inside range. These can offer a spread shot, but there are also single shot shotguns too. Practice with these by shooting at a close target for single shot. For spread shot, this is not needed, but the spring may be tougher.
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    Consider using a turret. If you have a go cart and a closed course, a turret is advised. Always build some sort of road and stay on it. If you use a turret, high capacity mags are needed. You can also buy two assault rifles of the same kind and create a stand. Two battery powered weapons are recommended. Make sure you have at least 30+ extra mags or someone who can reload your mags fast. The stand should comfortably brace the weapons and be able to rotate. This will allow you to shoot anything to the driver's back. Never shoot to the front, the pellets do not travel very fast and may jam the gun when moving the direction you're firing.


  • Always use medium capacity magazines. There is no need to wind these and they have a great capacity.
  • Gloves, vests, and masks/safety glasses are a must.


  • Always wear proper eye protection and padding. Gloves are recommended. Those pellets still hurt, even if they are plastic!

Things You'll Need

  • An Assault Rifle (Airsoft)
  • 20,000 .25g plastic Airsoft pellets recommended
  • A team
  • Multiple attachments to your liking.
  • Radios (communication is vital to a good Airsoft team)
  • Ghillie suit
  • Gloves and kneepads (no use limping out of the arena or having a bloody hand)

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