How to Become a Motorcycle Dealer

Becoming a motorcycle dealer and owning your own dealership can be a lucrative career. Here is how to become a motorcycle dealer and what you need to make it possible.


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    Learn everything you can about motorcycles.
    • To become a dealer, you will need to know just about everything when it comes to motorcycles. You should know what the latest bikes are and how they differ from past models. Learn what common problems are associated with each make and model. You may want to also know a little about how to troubleshoot and repair the bikes.
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    Decide what types of motorcycles you want to sell.
    • There are many options to choose from and you should decide if you want to stick to a certain type of motorcycle or sell many types. The main types of motorcycles you might want to look at are sport bikes or crotch rockets, touring bikes, which are bigger and heavier and cruisers like Harley-Davidson bikes. You can also consider bikes with off road capabilities, such as endure bikes that have suspensions that are suitable for bumpy roads, dual-sport bikes that can double as a street bike and off-road bikes.
    • You will also want to think about offering used bikes at your dealership. Selling used motorcycles can help bring in more customers who just cannot afford a new bike. You may also consider selling custom motorcycles for other clientele.
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    Learn about sales.
    • To have a successful motorcycle dealership, you will need to make sales. Learning the art of sales and how you can become good at it will greatly improve your chances of having a thriving business. You can read up on the subject or even take sales classes.
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    Apply for a business license.
    • In order to own your own dealership, you must hold a business license. You can apply with your city or state.
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    Get a location for your business.
    • You will want to find a great location. It should be large enough to hold all the motorcycles you wish to sell. You will want an area that is large enough to be a showroom, and possibly more room to hold some inventory. You will also want to make sure that there is room to conduct the business and paperwork aspect of the sale.
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    Gather your inventory.
    • You can start small if you do not have the funds to purchase a lot of inventory. Also, if you are planning on selling custom motorcycles, then you will not need to have them on hand as they will be custom ordered. It is a good idea to have some general spare parts that can be purchased
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    Hire employees if needed.
    • If you planned out a large dealership, you may have to bring in some extra workers. You can opt to hire friends and family or choose to hire employees who are more skilled in the sales area.


  • To find out what's new with motorcycles, join online forums that center around bikes. You will learn which bikes are good, what to look for and what to watch out for from the people that are your target clientele.

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