How to Become a Mobile Marketing Consultant

Mobile marketing, or mobile advertising, is a form of advertising that uses the Internet as an avenue through which to send mass communications to mobile devices like smartphones, personal digital assistants (PDAs), electronic book devices, global positioning systems (GPS), portable entertainments players and tablet computers. There are many different types of mobile advertising and there are businesses that specialize in developing mobile marketing strategies. If you are interested in becoming a mobile marketing consultant, follow these steps:


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    Get an education in mobile marketing. A thorough and well-rounded understanding of the principles of mobile advertising is necessary to the process of becoming a mobile marketing consultant. You may choose to attend college courses in marketing and technology, or sign up for 1 of the many workshops or Internet courses offered by independent mobile marketing consultants, which should cover the following topics:
    • Technology. Learn about the many technologies used as avenues for marketing.
    • Disciplines of mobile marketing. This covers everything related to the implementation of mobile advertising, from sales to branding to promoting.
    • Mobile and social media.
    • M-Commerce. This pertains to the process of a mobile sale, from start to finish.
    • Mobile strategy. Learn how to plan and implement effective mobile marketing strategies.
    • Applications and Internet. Learn how these 2 concepts work together for a complete mobile marketing experience.
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    Decide which of the different forms of mobile advertising you would like to specialize in:
    • Short message service (SMS). SMS is generally referred to as texting, and mobile marketing via SMS allows marketers to distribute text message advertisements.
    • Multi-media message service (MMS). MMS marketing strategies use graphics, audio and video for advertisements.
    • Applications. Advertisements are hosted on mobile device applications.
    • Location based mobile marketing. Advertisements are delivered to mobile devices based on the device's location, allowing local marketers to reach those within a certain area.
    • Quick response barcodes (QR codes). QR codes are barcodes that can be scanned by user smartphones in order to deliver the users to a mobile webpage associated with the code.
    • Click to call, or pay per call. This requires that the user dial the number that is advertised in order to receive a product or service in exchange for a fee.
    • Mobile banner ads. These small, page-framing mobile marketing ads are small enough to appear on mobile device screens.
    • Broadcast voice messages. This type of mass mobile marketing involves sending a pre-recorded message to mobile devices by way of an originating computer system.
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    Familiarize yourself with the industry best practices. As with any other form of marketing, mobile advertising practices are strictly regulated. Any mobile marketing consultant must conform to government policy regarding best practices.
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    Procure work as a mobile marketing consultant. You may choose to work independently, in which case you will need to advertise your services to potential clients, or you may seek employment with a mobile marketing agency that is already established.


  • To keep up with the latest news about mobile advertising, join the mobile marketing association (MMA).

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