How to Become a Missionary

Have you ever considered becoming a missionary and making a difference in people's lives around the world? This is a lofty goal, and it is one that you can accomplish by attending to certain specific guidelines. These guidelines may vary by non-profit organization or company.


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    Examine yourself closely and decide whether you truly feel a higher calling to do missionary work.
    • Not everyone should be a missionary. The hours are not 9 AM - 5 PM, and the living conditions are less than ideal. However, if you feel called to perform this kind of work, you may look past any perceived inconveniences. Missionaries often place a higher value on the purpose of the mission than on the living conditions.
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    Choose the missionary organizations that interest you and perform the research to determine whether you would be well suited to work as a missionary for that group.
    • For every missionary organization, there is a particular faith-based methodology required for its missionaries. Catholic, Jewish, or Protestant missions groups will follow certain methods of missionary work, while Buddhist or Hindu organizations will follow different methods. Select the one that is right for your belief system.
    • It is also imperative to check with the organizations you are considering to find out about specific physical, psychological and age requirements the organizations might have for admission as a missionary with their programs.
    • Check the training requirements and duration of time it takes to complete such training.
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    Create an application portfolio and begin setting up interviews with potential missionary organizations.
    • Fill out the necessary applications and develop personal essays to submit to missionary organizations well in advance of your desired start date. Bear in mind that your personal essays are very important, as they will emphasize your purpose for wanting to become a missionary.
    • Take your essays and references to your interviews. Also, prepare yourself to speak candidly about your faith and goals as a potential missionary.
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    Complete your training and begin your work as a missionary.
    • Training programs vary in terms of the time period involved, but most require at a minimum that you complete a 6-month to 1-year training program prior to entering the field.
    • For some training programs, you will need to go to a specific training center to live and train. For other programs, you can conduct the training online with the assistance of a mentor.
    • Your training will focus on multiple aspects of mission work and will depend on the nature of your mission group's goals. If the aim is to spread the Christian gospel, for instance, then you may undergo some theological training. The types of training vary, so check websites and order materials to clarify what your host group expects.
    • You may need language instruction based on the country in which you will work.
    • If your mission focuses on providing food and agricultural training to those in need, you may spend time receiving training on the various nutritional needs of the community in addition to language and cultural instruction.


  • Don't be a missionary to please people. Be a missionary to serve God.
  • Don't forget, ask God where he wants you to go. Ask him to give you strength to go where he calls you.
  • All missionary organizations should send you through a training program. After you have completed it, you will then find out your assigned mission. At this point, you should be ready to start working to fulfill your dreams.

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