How to Become a Metro PCS Payment Center

Two Parts:Developing Your BusinessFilling in the Application

MetroPCS is a mobile phone service provider owned by T-Mobile and geared towards value. Its coverage is not available in all areas, but the company offers no-contract service plans that are meant to be more affordable than other phone companies. As the coverage expands, so does the need for authorized payment centers. These locations sell phones, activate service, and process payments. If you're interested in becoming a payment center for the company, you need to become an authorized dealer, though you may still be able to sell other products besides MetroPCS products.

Part 1
Developing Your Business

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    Find financing. If you don't have financing to open a store, you need to have it before applying to be a MetroPCS Authorized Dealer. One way you can finance your initial costs is through a small business loan, which you can apply for at your bank.[1]
    • Another option is credit cards. You can take out a card in your company's name or a personal credit card. However, using a personal credit card can be risky because it can affect your credit if it ends up that you can't pay it.[2]
    • Try a microlender. Microlenders are nonprofits that allow you to get small loans for your business when a bank won't loan to you. The downside to this option is you will pay somewhat higher interest rates. You can find microlenders on the internet.[3]
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    Think about all your costs. You are always going to have more costs than you think. However, you can plan ahead. When looking at locations, think about how much renovation you will need to do to make it ready to be a MetroPCS location. If it will take too much work, you should probably consider another location.[4]
    • When considering your costs, think about counter space, display areas, signage, and parking. All will contribute to your overall costs in your business. You may find a shop that already has many of these problems covered.[5]
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    Check demographics. When looking for a location, consider the demographics of an area. You can use marketing companies and other analysis companies to learn about the demographics in the area. If you prefer to do the legwork yourself, you can use census data to find out about the population surrounding your location.[6]
    • Think about who is most likely to use your product. For instance, MetroPCS is geared towards value, so people with less disposable income are more likely to use it than people with more disposable income.[7]
    • Another factor to look at is what other businesses are in the area. If they are comparable to yours in some way, that is, serving the same group of people, your business is also likely to do well.[8]
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    Consider competition. While you do want businesses in the area that serve a similar demographic, you don't want a business that is providing too similar a product. Look for other low-cost smartphone plan options in the area that would serve as competition, and try to pick a location where you are the only option or at least the main option.[9]

Part 2
Filling in the Application

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    Find the application. The application to become an authorized dealer is located on the MetroPCS website. You can find it at[10]
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    Fill in the information on your business. MetroPCS wants to know you're equipped to handle being an authorized dealer, so they want to know about your business. They'll ask you what region you want to apply in, where your business is located (if you already have one in place), and if you have been an authorized dealer in the past. They also want to know about your sales experience.[11]
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    Give your financial status. You must be financially secure enough to make a MetroPCS store if you don't already have a store. Therefore, you must say how you are financing it.[12]
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    Submit the application. Once you have completed all the information, submit it, and wait for a reply. MetroPCS should be in contact with about whether your application was accepted or not.[13]
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    Complete training. MetroPCS will likely require you to complete training before you open your business. This training will guide you through the basics of what the company expects from you.

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