How to Become a Member of the Discordian Society

The Discordian Society is a group of people who practice the New Religious Movement (NRM) of Discordianism. Discordianism is a modern religion (only in existence since the late 1950s) centered on the idea that chaos is as important as order. One of their main beliefs is that Creative Disorder is as desirable as Creative Order, and that Destructive Order is as undesirable as Destructive Disorder.


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    Have an open mind. The Discordian Society is full of in-jokes, contradictions and humorous ideas and observations of modern religions. Without an open mind, you'll like be both confused and offended by the beliefs of Discordianism.
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    Get a copy of the Principia Discordia. This book can be hard to find, but since it's in public domain, it can be viewed at this page with no log in required. This book is Discordianism's bible, and should be read all the way through to see if you really want a part of this society. Again, there's a lot of in-jokes and humor, but the Principia Discordia also has a lot of good philosophy and a great introduction by one of the co-founders.
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    Determine what being a Discordian means to you. Every Discordian practices Discordianism in their own unique way. You may post online stories, convert new people to the society, do pranks out in the real world - basically, being a member of the Discordian Society means exactly whatever you want it to mean to you.
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    Declare yourself a Discordian. Congratulations, you're done. There's no membership fee, weekly services or special rituals you need to go through to declare yourself a Discordian. If you want to be a Discordian at this point, you are one. If you don't want to be a Discordian, you're not.
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    Find other Discordians in the area and share in the fun. There's a lot of quick and easy online ways to find Discordians in your area, through mailing lists, community groups and chat rooms. Find some in your area, and communicate! Discordian groups work best when a lot of people are present to bounce ideas of off.


  • Don't take anything in the Discordian Society too seriously. You're not joining a strict religion; remember, having a good time is as important as anything else.
  • Feel free to mention your Discordian affiliation as much as you like. The Discordian Society is not secretive, it's just not well known. No one minds if you tell everyone you meet that you're a Discordian.
  • Don't worry that something you do is wrong or stupid. Many new Discordians feel like anything they do has to be cleared by someone higher up. Remember, being a Discordian is unique to each individual.


  • Don't be too obnoxious. While Discordians respect chaos in all forms, being pointlessly disruptive or destructive goes against the basic beliefs of the Discordian Society. When planning a public showing of your Discordianism, you want people to be curious and surprised, not alienated and embarrassed.
  • Don't be destructive. While the Discordian Society likes all chaotic things, they tend to respect Creative Chaos much more than Destructive Chaos. Breaking things, stealing and defacing public or personal property is not only illegal, but it gives the Discordian Society a bad name.

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