How to Become a Member of AOPA

Contrary to opinion, you do not need to be an airplane owner or a pilot to join the Airplane Owners and Pilot's Association. Many members are people who are considering becoming a pilot, and many more are merely what might be called "airport bums", people with a general interest in general aviation and airplanes.


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    Go to the AOPA Website
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    On the right side of the main page is a link to "Join Now" - click that.
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    Fill in the form. A new window will pop up with a membership form. Fill in all of your personal information. At the bottom it will ask you for your pilot certificate. If you have one, enter it, if not select NONE. Voting membership is open to Student Pilots and Pilots. The reason is that the AOPA lobbies for general aviation interests, and restricts voting privileges (which influences the lobbying efforts) to those affected. If you're not a pilot, you can still join, but it will be as a non-voting member (all other privileges are the same).
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    On the next page you will choose which magazine you'd like to receive. AOPA has two; the AOPA Pilot- geared towards licensed pilots, and APOA Flight Training geared towards student pilots. Select one. Membership with Pilot is $39.00, with Flight Training it is $ 29.00, or you can get both magazines for $60.00. On this page you can also select to have your membership automatically renewed, and select an e-newsletter. Once you have made your selections, click continue.
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    This is the last step. Enter your payment information. Visa, MasterCard, American Express. Then "Complete My Membership". In a few seconds the membership is processed, and in about two weeks you'll received your membership card, and first issue of your magazine. You will also receive an e-mail confirming your membership, which will give you instant access to the members only areas of the website, which include FREE on line classes to help you learn more about weather, flying, airspace, and everything aviation related.


  • If you don't have a credit card, you can call AOPA and they will send you an application, and you can join by mail with a check. The number for member services is on the website.

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