How to Become a Medical Billing Consultant

Medical billing and coding is an important industry in countries where complex medical systems require skilled analysts to go over medical documentation. Some opportunities in this field allow individuals to really thrive in the career choices that they have chosen. If you want to become a medical billing consultant, here are some of the most commonly recommended steps involved in getting started in this field.


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    Get a high school education or the equivalent. In order to become a successful medical billing consultant, you will most likely need to finish high school or get a GED or other type of education that is equivalent to completing high school levels.
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    Pursue an Associate's degree. A 2 year college degree is often a requirement for someone who wants to become a medical billing consultant.
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    Complete course work in relevant departments. If you want to get involved in the medical industry as a billing and coding consultant or in a similar job role, your undergraduate college degree should include courses in life sciences like anatomy and biology, as well as courses in clinical administration, data handling, and other aspects of medical billing and coding paperwork.
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    Seek the proper credentials as a medical billing and coding expert. Professional medical billing and coding workers often get specific qualifications in the form of certifications or credentials to help improve their competence of this field.
    • Consider an RHIT or Registered Health Information Technician credential. This type of certification is available from various groups such as the American Health Information Management Association or AHIMA. Getting one of these qualifications could dramatically improve your chances of getting closer to your goal to work in medical billing or coding as a consultant or other expert.
    • Find additional credentials. Other certifications like a certificate from the Commission for Accreditation for Health Informatics and Information Management or CAHIIM can also be a very useful asset. Other medical billing and coding professionals pursue a qualification for a Certified Tumor Registrar. All of these can lead to more opportunities in medical billing and coding.
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    Build up experience in the field. Get involved in medical offices and to begin a career in this part of the medical industry.
    • Start where you can. Many individuals who end up as medical billing and coding consultants started out simply as administrative aides in various medical departments. Whether it's inpatient or outpatient work, hospitals or satellite facilities, or nearly any type of medical office providing any type of care, you can build skills on the job that will prepare you for handling complex insurance documents and building expertise in this area. Some skills are "cross-practice" and others are not, but getting general experience will help you to specialize later in your career.

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