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Three Methods:Determine if Being a Medical Assistant is Right For YouFind a Doctor Who Will Train YouGo To Medical Assistant School

A medical assistant is someone who performs a variety of administrative and clinical tasks, such as taking vitals or completing medical histories. The Bureau of Labor Statistics expects employment in the medical assistant field to grow by 31% from 2010 to 2020, which means that employment opportunities are expanding.[1] The easiest steps to becoming a Medical Assistants are outlined below. Expect to either receive substantial on-site training, or go to medical assistant school in order to obtain the necessary training.

Method 1
Determine if Being a Medical Assistant is Right For You

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    Be sure that you are a good multi-tasker. A medical assistant is able to do multiple things at once. This means that you should to be a competent multi-tasker in order to produce a really good fit. The best MAs are fleet-footed, resourceful, and pick up things very quickly.
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    Be sure that you care about helping people. The essence of your job, aside from the occasional administrative duties, is helping other people. You should receive satisfaction from the idea that your help makes a difference in other people's lives. If you don't care about the impact your work has on other people's lives, you probably aren't an ideal fit.
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    Be sure that you can stomach uncomfortable medical situations. Although they aren't common, serious medical interventions do occur around medical assistants. MAs occasionally need to push past the discomfort of wounds, blood, and obvious patient pain in order to do their jobs effectively.
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    Understand that your path to being a medical assistant may take time. It's not uncommon for the process of becoming a medical assistant to take several years. If you want to become a medical assistant right away, it's possible — but difficult.

Method 2
Find a Doctor Who Will Train You

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    Get your GED or its equivalent. The only real qualification for the job is that you have a high-school diploma or its equivalent. If you haven't already completed your high-school education, enlist in GED training course and eventually take the GED, a competency test that measures the skills you were supposed to learn in high school.
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    Find a doctor to train you as a Medical Assistant. Given that there are no legal requirements to becoming a Medical Assistant, this is the easiest, cheapest and fastest way.[1]
    • If you are hired as a medical assistant without prior experience, you will receive substantial on-site training. The added benefit, of course, is that you're being paid to learn on the job. Many people pay in order to receive the training that doctors and other medical orderlies give them.

Method 3
Go To Medical Assistant School

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    Attend a school to receive a degree as a medical assistant. Getting a degree from a school will confer prestige and help your chances of getting hired. If you do decide to go to school for a medical assisting program, you can take either of the following tracks:
    • Medical Assistant Certificate/Diploma. This takes about 9 months to a year for most applicants to complete.
    • Medical Assistant Associate Degree. This takes about 2 years for most applicants to complete.
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    Get certified (optional). You don't need to be certified as a medical assistant in order to find a job as one, but it really helps.[2] In order to take the exam, you must have graduated from an assisting program recently.
    • Unless a member of the AAMA, CAAHEP, or ABHES, the exam itself will cost $195. If a member of AAMA, CAAHEP, or ABHES the exam will cost $95-145.
    • The exam is offered three times a year, in January, June, and October. Make sure you leave yourself enough time to study before you schedule your exam.
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    After passing the certification exam, apply for an MA position. It is now time for you to apply for your first MA position! Make sure that your resume and cover letter are specifically tailored to each office in which you are applying.


  • Make sure to ensure that the school you attend is qualified by the American Association of Medical Assistants (AAMA).
  • Depending on how much time you have available - and financial availability, the best option may be an Associate Degree.

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