How to Become a Mary Kay Beauty Consultant

Become your own boss with an exciting new beauty consultant job with a Mary Kay business.


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    Find a Mary Kay beauty consultant in your area. To do this go to
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    Find out more about the business by calling the consultant in your area. She will answer any questions that you may have about selling Mary Kay.
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    Order a starter kit. The cost of the kit is approximately $100.00 but it is worth it if you are looking to make some really quick money.
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    Listen to all CD's located in your kit. They will help you with any selling issues that you may have.
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    Attend weekly training meetings with your unit. If your director is out of town, ask her to set you up with an "Adopted Director." This is really non-negotiable.
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    Meet up with some people who are Mary Kay beauty Consultants, talk a bit. Ask them questions about their job. Then ask them how could you get involved in the Mary Kay Business, chances are they can help you out a bit. Visit the website and try to learn a bit more to become the best Mary Kay consultant you can be!


  • Always smile; everyone loves a great smile.
  • Always have a positive attitude, no matter what. If you do not have a positive attitude, nobody will want to do business with you.
  • Inventory is not required, but it is recommended. Your customers will be much more loyal if you can provide her products immediately.
  • Remember you are in sales - whether it's a Cadillac or lipstick, the customer is king!
  • "Dress for success". If you're not dressed well in a business-like manner, then your customers will not take you seriously.
  • Your director wants you to succeed! Share your goals with her. She will sit down with you and map out a step by step plan based on the income you need and the time you're willing to invest in your business.


  • Do not expect your business to take off right away; it takes hard work and determination but if you have the right attitude you can make this work.
  • The "Starter Kit" offered presently only has a few catalogs. You will likely need to purchase additional catalogs from Mary Kay initially and as your business grows.
  • The cost of supplies can be prohibitive. To be safe, allow at least $200 in the first few months alone to cover JUST Mary Kay supplies (catalogs, eye-liner which is not included in kit, postcards, product samples, other brochures)
  • You are never required to purchase anything if you want to become a consultant but your starter kit $100 + tax + shipping
  • The Mary Kay company will encourage you to buy inventory with your first purchase, which must be at least $200 wholesale if you want to stay active($400 retail). If you want to purchase less than that initially, you will need to pay full price.

Things You'll Need

  • To be eligible to sell, you must be 18 years of age.
  • $100 for a starter kit
  • Business apparel. You don't need to purchase a whole new wardrobe. A black skirt, white blouse, and black heels are appropriate for all MK functions.
  • Interview the Mary Kay Consultant/Director who is recruiting you. Find out what kind of support system you will have ahead of time.

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