How to Become a Marketing Copywriter

Marketing is a wide field where people or agencies brand and sell products through print, online, radio, television and viral promotion. Copy writing is an important part of the marketing field, because a marketing copywriter is responsible for creating the persuasive message that ultimately sells the product or service to people. If you want to become a copywriter, you must be ready for a fast-paced, high-stress environment where clients and deadlines demand the best from you. You must get a good education, build a writing and marketing portfolio and look for opportunities to enhance your marketing career. Read more to learn how to become a marketing copywriter.


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    Love to write. A marketing copywriter understands and enjoys the nuances of words. You should think of writing as a passion and marketing as a major interest if you are to make it in this competitive market.
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    Work well under pressure. If you are unable to work under stress, then marketing copy writing is probably not for you. You will be forced to come up with great ideas and prose under deadline, and with plenty of competition.
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    Get an undergraduate degree in writing, marketing and/or business. Perhaps the most successful copywriters out of college are those who combined their writing and business studies while still in college to create a stronger understanding of the concepts.
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    Begin creating your portfolio in college. Write for a college magazine and advertise for a local business. You will need to show businesses samples of your writing as well as taking a writing test to prove you have potential.
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    Study other marketing concepts, such as graphic design, Web 2.0, sales strategies and Internet marketing. You should have a well-rounded understanding of search engine optimization (SEO), branding and execution of marketing initiatives, even if you end up writing for the most part.
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    Build and create your portfolio. Apply to write SEO articles online or do it for free, if you need to have portfolio builders very quickly. Make sure you have a professionally presented online and print portfolio by the time you graduate college.
    • Don't be afraid to use marketing or business projects that you are particularly proud of. If you can show a company how you were able to convincingly write to sell a brand, then it is a valuable piece of writing.
    • Since companies will ask for samples along with your resume, creating an online portfolio using a blogging site or a low-fee hosting site will put you ahead of your competition. Make sure to check for proofing errors, because your samples should be as well-thought out as your resume and cover letter.
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    Apply for entry-level jobs in marketing agencies. This is often the best way to break into the business, because you will be taught the intricacies of the job while earning a wage. Look for jobs in major cities, if possible, which is where most marketing agencies congregate.
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    Be prepared to take a writing and spelling test. If you are being hired for a writing position, instead of simply an entry-level marketer position, you will probably be asked to take a timed writing test. These tests can take 1 to 48 hours and should be completed as carefully as possible.
    • In order to practice, find a professional website and try to emulate an article in an hour or less. Then, pick a product or 2 off advertisements or online and try to write a pitch and product descriptions in 1 hour or less.
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    Get 5 years of agency work experience, if possible, before going out on your own. Many copywriters decide to freelance; however, you must have a good portfolio and work with top clients to command good prices in the freelance market.
    • It is a good idea to get 5 or more years of experience with 1 company before seeking a new job with a marketing agency. Unless you have already been promised a job, companies often look for people with 5 or more years of experience in the field before considering you above the entry level.
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    Manage your career. Look to advance your career, if you have given 5 or more years of experience to a company. Seek promotions, such as Senior Copywriter or Project Manager as soon as you are ready to take on the responsibility.
    • Through promotion comes more money, a better portfolio and the ability to command your own team. Marketing is a competitive environment, so you must take opportunities when they come along.

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