How to Become a Jewelry Affiliate

Affiliate programs are a great way to make extra money from a website or blog. They work by offering banners, links and promotional programs that you place on your site. When people visit your site, click on the link and make a purchase, you earn a commission on the sale. Many jewelry companies offer affiliate programs that can be profitable, since jewelry is a popular purchase for both special occasion gifts and personal accessories. It's easy to get started, but making real income takes a lot of work and time. Before joining a program, learn how to become a jewelry affiliate and what needs to be done to be successful at it.


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    Set up your website or blog. Determine what the site is going to be about and how jewelry sales will fit in. Your site can be about jewelry itself, or aimed at a market that is likely to buy jewelry. For example, banners and ads for jewelry items could be appropriate on a site or blog that talks about fashion, gift ideas or romance, just to name a few.
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    Get traffic to your site. Your affiliate efforts will be in vain if your site doesn't have visitors. Make sure the site has quality content that users will want to read and revisit regularly. Promote your site by participating in online forums, commenting on other blogs, and using keywords in your content that people search for.
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    Find jewelry marketers that offer affiliate programs. Most online affiliate programs are managed by an affiliate network like Commission Junction and ShareASale. One way to find programs is to sign up with affiliate programs and look for jewelry sales. Another is to go to the website of the jewelry you are interested in selling and look for an affiliate link on the site. If you can't find one, contact the company and ask how to become a jewelry affiliate. Another idea is to join Amazon Associates and sell jewelry from Amazon as an affiliate.
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    Research the company. Find a company whose products and services have a good reputation. Be sure the company doesn't have a lot of complaints about quality, customer service or fraud. While as an affiliate you won't be held liable, your website could get a bad reputation if it is promoting a poor jewelry company. Try to work as an affiliate for companies that you have dealt with and jewelry that you have actually purchased yourself or at least have seen in person.
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    Evaluate the types of jewelry and programs being offered. Choose a company whose products fit in with your website or blog. Compare the commission rates of various affiliate programs.
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    Add banners, links and content. Decide how to market the jewelry. Some affiliate programs offer full campaigns that include text to be used in blog posts or on a website, while others may offer banners only. You can simply have an advertisement on your site, or you can actively promote the jewelry by writing articles and blog posts about it.
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    Make note of the terms and conditions after you get approval. Some companies may not allow you to post competitor advertisements on your site.
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    Apply for the jewelry affiliate programs. You will have to apply for each one, even if you already have an account with the affiliate network. Information you will need to enter includes your website or blog address, a description of the site, other advertising that is on the site and the site's traffic.

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