How to Become a Hunting Guide

Becoming a hunting guide is a way for people who like to hunt to turn a hobby into a career. It can take some time to become a licensed hunting guide as experience and knowledge are part of the requirements of becoming a hunting guide.


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    Check with your local wildlife agency regarding requirements for licensing certification and other requirements specifically for hunting guides.
    • Each area is different, so it is important to learn what requirements you may face before becoming a hunting guide. The regulations are usually different for obtaining a hunting guide license versus just a hunting license.
    • Hunting guides must be hunters themselves so they should have a valid license before attempting to find a position as a hunting guide.
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    Gain hunting experience.
    • Hunting guides should be experts in hunting whatever game they are hired to hunt. Therefore, it is a good idea to gain experience in a wide variety of game in order to guarantee more opportunities to provide services.
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    Take hunter training classes.
    • Some localities require specific training courses in order for you to get a hunting guide license. These classes may include legal issues, safety and regulations necessary to obtain hunting guide employment.
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    Learn outdoor survival techniques.
    • Often, hunting guides must spend a significant amount of time in the elements, and may be called upon to deal with emergency situations where outdoor survival is necessary.
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    Apply for jobs with outfitter companies.
    • An outfitter is a company that provides supplies, locations and information for hunting trips. Outfitters provide hunters with the names of hunting guides most of the time.


  • Because you will deal with a wide variety of personalities and hunting styles, it is important to develop good people skills to become a hunting guide. Communication is key as hunting can be a dangerous sport if not done properly.
  • Many hunting guides do have specialties in either the game they track or the area they hunt.
  • Hunting guides must have a love for being outdoors. Often, they will be sent to locations that may not have adequate shelter, and may spend significant time sleeping outdoors in all types of weather.


  • Many people travel to hunt new game in new environments. This means that those on the hunting trip you may be guiding could have little or no experience with the terrain or weather in the area where you will be hunting. It is important that a hunting guide be CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) certified and know advanced first aid, as well as other safety skills that could be necessary for survival.
  • Hunting laws can be different in each state, country, even by county, so learning laws everywhere you plant to seek hunting guide employment is crucial to your success.

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