How to Become a Hardcore Michigan Wolverines Fan

Are you a fan of the Michigan Wolverines football team but want to amp up your fan-status? Well you've definitely came to the right place! This step-by-step guide will surely help make you the best fan of the Wolverines in no time!


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    Look the part. When you're a Michigan Wolverines fan, it's important to show off your sense of appreciation and spirit for the team. It's good to invest in some good quality Michigan jerseys, hooded sweatshirts, t-shirts, and any other type of apparel you can think of. Also, wear Michigan hats, necklaces, earrings (if you're a girl), socks and shoes! Some great places to access this merchandise would be sports apparel stores (they have them at malls and shopping centers), and department stores such as Wal-Mart, K-Mart, Kohl’s, Target, and even some Kroger's stores have them too!
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    Next, KNOW YOUR TEAM! If somebody asks you a question about who and what player played this year and who the coach and past coaches were you can't just sit there and drool on yourself. You'll become embarrassed and people will call you a poser. So it's a good idea for you to study it's roots and how the team was started, who the players and coaches (including past players and coaches) are, stats of the players and team, and anything else. You're probably freaking out about how you can do this. Don't worry. Just visit the team's website and go to the "football" section. There are also a great number of other websites you can check out that have information on the team's history and achievements throughout it's existence.
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    Have a couple of favorite players and coaches. Who do you think is the best on the team or who puts in the most effort? Who was your favorite coach? Also have a reason for selecting that specific person as your favorite. Don't just randomly pick somebody because they "look cool" or anything around that area. It doesn't make sense to do something like that right? It'll make you a whole better fan knowing who is who and the fact you aren't just doing it for no reason.
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    It would be a great idea to maybe dedicate a room in your house toward Michigan Wolverines. Have you ever seen somebody in real life or television have a room completely decked out in their favorite team? That automatically puts you right up there with the more dedicated fans rather than with the people that THINK they are a fan. You could maybe decorate your family room, poker room, bedroom, or a bathroom in Michigan. Here's some ideas to get started:
    • Paint the walls (if you're allowed depending on what kind of housing you have) maize and blue. These are the team's colors. It'll make it a whole lot better than just plain boring white walls or a completely different color. Try not to use anything that resembles Ohio State in ANY WAY. This is Michigan's rival and you CAN'T support them WHATSOEVER.
    • Put up some Michigan border/wallpaper. You can get this at a crafts store like Jo-Ann Fabrics, Michaels, or a border/wallpaper outlet near you. They're sure to have sport's team wallpaper.
    • Furniture. Having your favorite team's logo on a couch, chair or table will totally bring the room to it's meaning. Go to some furniture stores and browse around online to find some good Michigan Wolverines furniture.
    • If you're re-doing your bedroom or bathroom, look for things like a logo bed set, rugs, banners to hang on the walls, shower curtain, soap dish, toothbrush holder, etc. Border stores might have things like this too and so do the bath and bedroom departments in certain stores.
    • Get some miscellaneous merchandise such as bobble-head dolls of players, coaches, banners, flags, foam fingers, hats, helmets, mugs, and anything else you can think of. Sport's stores and gift shops at malls are sure to have things like this, especially the ones in Michigan since this IS the team's state.
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    Know the game schedule. Being a hardcore Michigan fan consists of NEVER missing any of their games. You can't just watch the rivalry game between them and Ohio State and that's it. You need to watch ALL of their games to know where they stand in the stats. Plus, you have to actually WATCH the whole thing. Fans of a team don't just watch ten minutes here and there. You have to enjoy them. Also know what days their games are. Even better if you memorize the schedule. People will be envious and amazed severely, making you a WAY better fan.
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    When they score a touchdown, field goal, or intercept a pass, GO NUTS. Scream and shout "YES!!!! GO!! GO!! GO!!!" or "GO BLUE!!! YEAH!!!" Things like this are completely normal. It's good to get excited during events like these because it shows you're serious about being a fan. Also you should pay hard attention to what goes on in the game. And if they don't win, get a penalty or one of the players gets injured, support them NO MATTER WHAT. You can't just be a fan one minute and when they lose a game, hate them forever. That's hypocritical severely. You have to always give the team support no matter what comes in their way. It shows you respect and care for Michigan Wolverines.
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    Try to attend games as much as possible. The tickets can get a bit pricey but WHO CARES! Make extra money by doing small jobs like delivering phone books, newspapers, a garage sale, mow people's lawns and save up for tickets. Make sure you get them before they're sold out. Also try to get good seats. Not to get stuck up at the top of the stadium and not able to see a thing. That REALLY sucks.
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    Autographs are a MUST to being a great Michigan Wolverines fan. Try as much as possible to find a way to get a player or coach's autograph on a football you brought, jersey, or anything else you can think of. These are moments you will remember.
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    If you catch the game ball KEEP IT. Don't just be a goody-goody two-shoes and throw it back. People will call you an idiot.


  • Remember: DO YOUR HOMEWORK! Know the team’s history, schedule and who is who.
  • You have to actually LIKE this team to be a fan of it. Posers are NOT good and people won’t take you seriously if you are one.


  • When going to Ohio State’s campus if their rivalry game is being held there, please be careful. There was one time a Michigan fan got shot because he wasn’t an Ohio State fan. That’s just stupid, ignorant and down right immature. Don’t be like this person please. That also goes for every other football team fan out there. Be a good fan to others and have respect regardless if they aren’t a fan of your favorite team.
  • Beware of Ohio State fans! They are after all Michigan’s rival and they do not like Michigan WHATSOEVER.

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