How to Become a Gyaru Gal

Nowadays, more and more girls in the west are finding out about the Japanese Gyaru fashion style. Gyaru can look cute, glamorous, sexy, but it can also come out tacky or plain if you don't do it right. Reading this how to might help achieving the perfect gyaru look.


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    Find the style that suits you best. There are many sub styles of gyaru that range from funky and wild, to cute and classy. Some styles are b-gyaru, hime gyaru, himekaji, banba, onee gyaru, rokku gyaru, and a newer style, mode gyaru.
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    Use magazines for inspiration. The most popular magazines are pop teen, ageha, egg, jelly, and ranzuki. If you can't purchase any in your area, you can always go on websites like and
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    Study on what gyaru is. It's important to know what you're getting into and it's best to be really familiar with the looks that come with this particular style, rather than just copying one picture that might not be most fit for your body type or the shape of your face.
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    Read gyaru blogs. Most gyaru blogs are on blogspot and live journal some blogs are universal doll, moments like diamonds, and sushi cat. But don't limit yourself to those few, try to branch out and discover blogs that you like.
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    Update your wardrobe to go with your look. some basic things you might like are hair accessories, a mini skirt, an a line skirt, a pleated skirt, a white blouse, a black blouse, two cute graphic tees, dark wash skinny jeans, colored skinny jeans, black skinny jeans, and a sun dress. Common gyaru accessories are sun hats, collars(by themselves), nerd glasses, and jewelry.
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    Get into makeup. The basic gyaru makeup includes pencil liner, liquid liner, white eyeliner, natural toned eye-shadows, concealer, foundation or a tinted moisturizer, nude lipstick pink lipgloss or clear gloss, false eyelashes, mascara, and blush.
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    Study on hair-dos. In most styles, gyaru hair is glamorous, big and puffy, often curled, it takes a bit more work than most people's everyday hairstyle. It's a good thing to show off that you put a lot of effort in your hair. Sometimes it might look wild but in many cases each strand was carefully arranged that way. there are also more "toned down" hairstyles like sock buns, half up, and curly ponytails. Most hair styles are dark blonde, long, curly, and have versatile bangs (bangs that can be worn straight, or side-swept).
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    get involved in the community. Post your pictures online and start a blog once you're confident with your look. There are always going to be people who don't like your look. Try to take it as constructive criticism and don't pay too much attention to people who just bash on you. Not all gals are positive gals!!
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  • Confidence is the key to every style, so have some.
  • Don't be afraid of being over the top! you need to let go of convention to make people think "hey that's a gyaru!"
  • Always stay updated. There's many ways online to check the latest styles. And purchasing gyaru magazines online can be highly recommended, because it's fun!
  • Work with what you've got, a general misconception is that gyaru have to be tanned, skinny and have long hair. Especially nowadays we can see the trend of gyaru with pale skin is kicking in, and magazines have shown many hairstyles suitable on hair even shorter than shoulder length!
  • Invest in a pair of Circle lenses and use false lashes. These will make your eyes look huge, and gyaru try their best to get cute big eyes.


  • Don't start your attempt thinking "I never wear makeup", "I never wear heels", "I'm an incredible tomboy". If these apply to you, ask yourself if you really want this look, because it doesn't seem right for you, maybe you should contact MTV's Made...
  • Please dress according to your body type and age.
  • When looking for feedback anywhere on the net, be sure to present a complete look "I wore different shoes later on the night" or "I couldn't curl my hair for this and that reason" won't stimulate people to really help you out. While they will appreciate to see you tried hard and studied much yourself.

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