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Some lessons on paintball technique and style.


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    Make sure you know the weight of your equipment. Your equipment should not be too bulky or heavy, as this will put you at a great disadvantage on the field.
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    To learn the basics you will need to learn "marker" positioning. First put on your mask (to make it more realistic). You can use a laser pointer taped to the barrel of the marker to represent were you would hit if you fired a paintball. Now, with the pointer on and the mask on, put it into firing position. Learn that position. If you can, (put the marker barrel-down) and try to estimate were the shot would hit before you even bring up your marker. Quickly bring up your marker into firing position. Practice this for a while, and then without the laser pointer.but do not let the opponent see the light or else the opponent can trace it back it you and tag you if too many opponents notice you before you realize it and then have another target.
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    Even expensive paintball guns can have bad firing rates (you can fix that). Take your middle and index finger and place them in the air as if they were a pair of scissors. Position your thumb straight and pinkie and ring finger like you're holding a gun. Take your middle and index fingers and place them on the trigger. Start pulling the trigger slowly back and forth, then get faster and faster. This is called "walking the trigger". You will have to put more pressure on those fingers in a real marker trigger. Try this out with different guns, and find the one that you can fire with the fastest. There are market triggers available for almost all guns. (This will only work for markers with a "double trigger." That is, a trigger that has room for two fingers.) This technique is also called "spray and pray" since you are not usually concerned with accuracy; only with getting a lot of paint into the air quickly.
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    Running and shooting: not much to say here; it's mandatory in paintball. With the laser pointer, put the gun into firing position. Then aim the laser pointer at a wall inside your house. Try to keep the laser on the wall steady as you go from walk, jog, to running. You will feel comfortable after a while.
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    Master the art of bunkering. When you're in a three-on-three man match, get into a bunker! When you find your man, start firing. After you do get your man, make sure he is the only threat shooting at you. Keep him in or let him run out of paint then run towards him, fire off a couple rounds and make sure you hit him. You can try to bunker him when he is least suspecting it or have your teammates pin him down, then bunker him.
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    Learn how to snap shoot (this is where you are in a gun fight and you pop out of a bunker just enough to get some shots off and go back in). Watch your position. One way to perfect your sharpshooting is to practice in front of a mirror. Get behind an object in front of the mirror and practice making accurate shots by popping out of the object, or as called, bunker.
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    Be prepared to reload in a gunfight. Make sure you have paintball pods in your harness. Relay information to your teammate (yell "reloading, cover me!"); "Cover me" is the key phrase and not too loud because then if you yell through the sky it will echo and then it could bring opponents when you're reloading, making you vulnerable. Now open your hopper. Keep a finger on the trigger, take a pod out then pop the top of the pod, and pour in the paint into the gun. Throw your pod on the ground (don't worry, you will get them back), close the hopper and start firing. You may not want to yell "reloading" because the other team will hear as well, and try to bunker you. Practice reloading and you won't have to ask your team to cover you.
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    In speedball, most parks will make you put your barrel or gun on the dead box (the place you go behind or in when you're hit), then they will say 3,2,1 real fast or normal take off to your position front, middle or back. Start firing now.
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    Learn your positions. There are 3 main positions in speedball: front, middle, and back.
    • The Front man is the one who relays information about what is going on to the middle and looks for windows or openings to bunker or take out a player.
    • The middle player relays the info from the front to the back. they shoot a lot of paint, so they should have a good hopper and be great snap shooters.
    • Back men shoot a lot of paint to try to get men out and help out with the openings for the front man.
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    Walk the field and have a game plan with your teammates. Making game plans by yourself can lead to confusion of your team. Your plan may not be fool proof because it wasn't viewed with multiple people. Making a game plan with the teammates can lead to better results.
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    In woodsball, sometimes called rec ball, strategy and communication are key. Have a strategy and communicate with your teammates. Two of anything beats a single ace.


  • Try to keep moving and only stop for cover, the slower you are the easier you are to hit.
  • Double and triple team opponents when possible. (This does not mean unloading your marker on some poor guy.)
  • Let every player move up at the same time.The more you push, the more they get cornered.
  • Make sure your equipment is clean, and that you have fresh batteries.
  • Don't leave a team member behind. More people on your team means more people to back you up.


  • When you're shot out, try to safely leave the playing area as soon as possible. (Holding your marker over your head.) Do not run through a line of fire.
  • Always wear goggles when on the playing field. Even if there is no game in progress.
  • Read and obey all signs
  • Use a barrel condom/cover/sock. If you are still using a barrel plug, replace it with a barrel cover. Very few fields will allow barrel plugs to be used anymore.
  • Please be aware that some people take mischief vandalism seriously and can result in court in front of random strangers plus it could be published which can be a trouble.

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