How to Become a Good Mass Communicator

We all aspire to be a person whom people look up to for inspiration and leave an everlasting impact on their minds. There are certain qualities that can be attributed to good mass communicators. Building up those qualities isn’t really that hard if one is determined to touch millions of people's lives and become a person of significance.


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    Be Confident. If you try to notice history's best mass communicators, one would easily identify that they had that confidence that clearly reflected in their eyes and gestures. When one is not confidence, that becomes visible through various ways. So, garner up the confidence. That also seems to be a hard task for a lot many people, which is totally understandable as everyone has different personality.
    • Have you paid attention on how easily you are able to explain a concept to a friend of yours while you may become nervous or start blabbering while explaining the same to a large audience? Therefore, what you need to do is consider each person as your friend, and believe that they would not judge as a failure or success.
    • Next pillar is to forget about the consequence of your words and action. If you will keep thinking about what your words would result into, you would not be able to express what you really want to.
    • Always be calm and patient. Never try to hurry with your words. Let them just flow as they come.
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    Make your audience believe that you understand their emotions and dilemmas. No one has time to listen to someone who does not have a solution to their problems. We all seek answers to our questions appreciate the person who provides us with best solution. Or for that matter can make us believe in our own selves and empower us.
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    Talk about things with a practical approach. Gone are the days when we used to spread the idea of a utopia world. This is the era of practicality and intelligent reasoning.
    • People are smart nowadays. If one tries to make big promises and mislead them by using heavy words, the public would recognize that this is only to fool them.
    • Garnering trust of his audience is very important for a mass communicator to deliver his ideas effectively.
    • Being practical and an optimist should go hand in hand. A good mass communicator always encourage to look for innovative ideas that would create a better tomorrow for all.
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    Do NOT memorise but KNOW what you have to speak about. There is a difference between learning your speech and preparing for it. Understand that difference.
    • Just keep in mind what all you have to talk about.
    • As and when the thoughts come, let them flow, it must be natural rather than looking manipulative.
    • A good connection is established when you speak in the manner that your audience understands best.
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    Put forward all your points in the given time frame. Some people have the habit of staggering over a single topic. This leads to missing out on other important ideas that one may have wanted to talk about. Be precise and straightforward.

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