How to Become a Furniture Designer

Designing furniture is a creative and technical line of work. What exactly does it take to enter this field? Here is information on what you can do to become a furniture designer.


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    Get a bachelor's degree from a college (or university). This is often a requirement for entry-level jobs in the design field. Consider majoring in visually creative or mathematical subjects such as fine arts or engineering. More technical majors such as graphic design or computer programming may also be acceptable in leading to a career path in furniture design.
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    Develop a good design portfolio. Having examples of your work available to show prospective employers or clients can help you get jobs and launch your design career.
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    Advance your technological and artistic skills. Creating furniture designs often involves using computer-aided design (CAD) software programs to draw the product. Sketching by hand is still a valued part of the job, however. It is also important to have a strong sense of balance and proportion and a technical understanding of how a piece of furniture will function.
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    Keep up with trends and the public's current tastes in furniture. Read publications related to the furniture design profession or industry to know what improvements or changes are occurring.
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    Explore different ways to work as a furniture designer. You can join a design firm or furniture company. You can also work on a contract basis or specialize in a niche market-only designing a specific piece of furniture or working with a specific material.


  • Consider doing an internship in furniture design to gain job experience. A few years of training or experience are needed before career advancement in this field is possible.
  • Join a professional association for furniture designers and network with other members. You can ask them how they became furniture designers themselves and possibly find a mentor willing to guide you in your career.
  • Attend workshops to learn how to make furniture from wood, metal, or other materials and use the proper tools.
  • Take business courses to help you learn how to deal with clients or to run your own furniture design business.
  • Decide if you have the qualities and interests necessary to succeed in the furniture design business. Ask yourself if you are creative and have or would like to obtain the artistic, technical and business knowledge that is used in this job.


  • Be aware that furniture designers are often paid for their work on commission. Designers working in a niche market can have a more difficult time making money and may need to work longer hours as well.

Things You'll Need

  • Professional portfolio
  • CAD software
  • Wood or other furniture materials
  • Furniture-making tools

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