How to Become a Featured Author on wikiHow

Everybody takes his or her best shot at becoming one of the best authors/editors on wikiHow. But when it comes to being one of the best (which wikiHow calls a Featured Author), it's sometimes tough, but it's a great goal! You too can earn a Featured Author badge on wikiHow.


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    Study the Writer's Guide. Get to know the go-to wikiHow formatting and policies so that you can get an idea of what makes a good Featured Article.
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    Look at the user pages of other wikiHow Featured Authors. This will give you an idea about how to accomplish your task. Check out the kinds of articles that have earned Rising Stars or Featured Article status.
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    Write at least 5 Rising-Star eligible articles. Avoid asking others to Boost or give Rising Stars for your articles. Just focus on providing quality content. Include sources, videos, and images when you can. Make sure you research your ideas thoroughly, format them to make them helpful and readable, and thoroughly copyedit your work.
    • You can consider asking others for help, too. Reach out to experienced editors and Featured Authors on their talk pages, or post in the wikiHow forums for input and advice. wikiHow is all about collaboration!
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    Wait and be patient. The Featured Author badge is automatically added to the user pages of authors who start five or more Rising Stars or Featured Articles. Once you hit that threshold, it'll happen automatically.


  • On wikiHow, quality trumps quantity. Make quality contributions and your efforts will be duly recognized.
  • Soon after fulfilling the Featured Author criteria, a badge with a green border will be displayed on your user page in the field to the right of your name.
  • You may earn other badges such as Welcomer, Booster and Administrator. Keep making quality contributions, helping others and learning the policies and you will be in an excellent position to attain these badges as well.

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