How to Become a Draftsperson

A draftsperson creates detailed and accurate drawings of architectural, mechanical, electronic or other designs that serve as interpretations of designers or architects' plans from which buildings and other designs can be constructed. Becoming a draftsperson involves developing concentration and attention to detail, as well as the appropriate skill set such as analytical, computer, visualization, artistic and drawing skills, attending the right school, specializing in a specific area, apprenticing with a draftsperson and finally getting a position as a draftsperson. Read the following steps to find out how to become a draftsperson.


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    Develop the necessary skill set to become a draftsperson. This will serve as a good foundation for your specific education.
    • You'll need to posses good concentration, as well as attention to detail. You'll also need good analytic, artistic, visualization, and drawing skills. To develop or hone these, you can work on creating detailed drawings of buildings in your free time, as well as studying drawings of existing buildings to understand how a particular aspect of a construction can be represented in a drawing.
    • You'll also need good computer skills. Though some drafters might still sketch freehand in the early stages of a drawing, nearly all drawings are created in software programs. Learning basic graphic design programs will help prepare you for the specialized computer aided design (CAD) software you'll use during your education and career.
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    Enroll in a college course to become a draftsperson.
    • You can attend a brick-and-mortar campus or an online college. Both offer equally good educational opportunities, though distance education is slightly more affordable than physically attending a college.
    • Course durations range from 2 to 4 years, depending on the college.
    • You'll need a high school diploma or GED to enroll. Some colleges will also require letters of reference, admissions essays, and even a personal interview.
    • At the beginning of your education, you'll review basic mathematical concepts and progress to algebra, trigonometry, and geometry. Next, you'll learn the fundamentals of drafting by hand on paper, and finally, you'll learn how to use CAD software to create drafts.
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    Specialize in the area that interests you most.
    • Mechanical drafters draw the assembly process of products; architectural draftsmen draw plans of buildings; government drafters create drawings for military vehicles; electronic drafters create plans of the wiring systems of buildings and machines; and aerospace draftsmen create drawings of planes, helicopters, spacecraft, and satellites.
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    Work as a draftsperson.
    • If you choose to work as a general draftsperson, you can expect to work on a variety of projects. However, if you specialize in a particular area and obtain your Masters degree in the field, you'll work on more challenging projects and can expect to be paid more for your work.

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