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If you have some technical knowledge and are interested in selling computers or working as a value added reseller, the Dell reseller program can provide many benefits to you. The program offers discounted pricing, rewards and rebates and easy online ordering. You'll have access to white papers, technical support and the Dell knowledge base. Dell also provides marketing and sales tools and the right to use the Dell logo. There are a few different levels to the reseller program and applying is easy. Read on to learn how to become a Dell reseller, and choose the reseller program that is best for you.


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    Make sure you meet Dell's program requirements for the reseller program. You need a valid reseller certificate, a company website and an existing Dell customer number.
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    Go to the Dell PartnerDirect website. A phone number is provided to register by phone and get more information about how to become a Dell reseller, and a link is provided to register online.
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    Begin the online application process. Enter your company contact information including name, address and phone number. Hit next to advance through the application process.
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    Enter your company information. You'll need to input your tax identification number and the number of employees in your company. Enter what percentage of your employees are technical professionals and sales force members.
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    Choose the range of revenue your company receives, allocated by hardware sales, software sales, and technical support services.
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    Specify the products you plan to sell, what your customer segments are, and your business mode, such as distributor, managed provider or value added reseller.
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    Read the reseller agreement carefully. Make sure you understand and can comply with the requirements for pricing, payments, shipping, warranty, repairs and computer configurations. Click "yes" to acknowledge the agreements.
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    Consider becoming a certified partner to receive additional benefits. To be a certified partner, you must commit to Dell training in sales and technical support. Dell provides detailed information online about the program as well as regularly scheduled orientation webinars. Certified partners are generally value added resellers who employ multiple employees, with individual employees dedicate to sales and technical support.
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    Choose a certified practice area if you decide to register for the certified partner program. Specialties for value added resellers include servers, storage, software, networking and managed customer care. By specializing in an area, you will provide additional services to your clients beyond selling computers.
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    Submit your application and wait for the results. Dell normally provides an answer within a week.
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    Make plans for integrating your Dell reseller status into your marketing efforts once you get approval. Allocate staff to Dell training if you choose the certified partner program. Become familiar with hardware and technology offerings so that you can begin to market products as a Dell reseller.

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