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A corporate flight attendant works onboard a private aircraft. Flight attendants ensure the safety and comfort of passengers.[1] A corporate flight attendant has more duties than a regular flight attendant. Corporate flight attendants need training in corporate security and catering for five star restaurants.[2] They value discretion, attention to detail, and security.[3] Some corporate flight attendants work for a single company and onboard one plane. Others work as freelancers onboard many different jets. Corporate flight attendants are often expected to work weekends and holidays.[4] You may consider this career path if you have a flexible schedule and would like to work on a private plane.

Method 1
Training to be a Coporate Flight Attendant

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    Obtain formal education. Corporate flight attendants are required to have a high school diploma. Companies often prefer applicants with a university or college degree.[5] Prior to embarking on this career path, make sure you have the basic level of required formal education.
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    Gain aviation experience. Many corporate flight attendants transition from careers as flight attendants for major commercial airlines.[6] If you do not have any flight attendant experience at all, you may want to start out as a public transport flight attendant on a commercial airline.[7] However, you could also skip this step and train directly for corporate flight attendant positions.[8]
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    Attend a corporate flight attendant training course. Corporate flight attendants have many responsibilities beyond those of commercial flight attendants. For instance, corporate flight attendants are often required to have specialized first aid training, alongside corporate security, hotel security, and high end food services training.[9] Specialized corporate flight attendant training courses are suitable for both novices and people with previous aviation experience.[10]
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    Obtain culinary training. As a corporate flight attendant, you will have to put more effort into food services and in particular plating or dressing food. This includes food handling, safety techniques and dressing food.[11]
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    Train yourself for emergency flight situations. Some of the things you should know include ditching (i.e., evacuating in water), volatile fuel threats and fires, evacuations, blocked exit procedures, decompressions, life raft operations, and malfunctions.[12] These topics should be covered by a corporate flight attendant training course.[13] However, you also need to continuously update your knowledge of emergency flight situations and procedures.[14]
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    Gain knowledge of corporate culture. Knowledge of corporate culture and security is highly valued for this position.[15] So you should become knowledgable of the corporate culture and the personality of the CEO you hope to work for.[16]

Method 2
Applying for Corporate Flight Attendant Jobs

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    Make a skills inventory. On one piece of paper, write down all of the skills that you have. On another piece of paper, write down all of the skills that you would like to improve.[17]
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    Determine which of your skills to underline in applying for this position. Corporate flight attendant positions commonly require communication skills, customer service, decision making, and physical stamina.[18] They also require food preparation skills and first aid abilities. Also, they require soft skills like the ability to be discreet.[19] Reviewing your skills inventory, circle the skills and abilities you think are applicable to this position.
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    Revise your resume for the position of corporate flight attendant. Review your skills inventory and make sure you highlight relevant skills on your resume.
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    Determine the type of corporate flight attendant job you want. There are a variety of places to work as a corporate flight attendant.[20] Do your research on where you would like to work.
    • Work for a specific corporation. In this type of job, you will work as an employee for a specific company on its private jet or fleet of jets.
    • Work for a private airline company. In this type of job, you will work for a company that flies private jets for corporations. Your clients will change on every flight, but you will always work on the same plane or fleet of planes.
    • Work for a corporate airline jobs contractor placement service.[21] In some situations, companies hire contractors to work for a single flight or series of flights. You might be filling in for a corporate flight attendant who is on vacation or out sick, or perhaps the employer needs a flight attendant who needs specific skills. In this sort of job, you will frequently have different clients and fly on many different kinds of aircraft.
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    Apply for corporate flight attendant positions. With your revised resume and an idea of where you would like to work, you are ready to apply for jobs. Remember that marital status does not matter in the hiring process. Many companies have affirmative action plans to ensure hiring of minorities, women, differently abled people, and veterans.[22]
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    Prepare for an interview. When you apply for corporate airline jobs, you need to highlight your skills that are unique to flying on a private jet. Think about your unique skills and abilities. For instance, perhaps you speak a second language or have experience as a chef. You might also want to highlight your soft skills, such as discretion and knowledge of the corporate culture and CEO. Above all, a corporate flight attendant knows how to be sensitive to the personal space and environment of the passengers while attending to their needs. The ability to speak a second language may also be very important.[23]

Method 3
Preparing for Your Corporate Flight Attendant Job

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    Obtain a valid passport. Corporate airline jobs often require international travel, so it is a good idea to have a valid, unexpired passport. Passports can take a while to obtain or renew, so you should give yourself plenty of time.
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    Learn about the corporate fleet. It is important to update your knowledge about the plane and fleet you will be serving. If there are multiple planes you will be serving, take the time to learn major and slight differences.[24]
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    Get to know the personal preferences of the company and CEO. If the CEO has particular office supply or bathroom needs, you will need to learn them. This will help you to personalize the flight experience for your employer. [25]


  • Because many corporate airline flights are last minute or unscheduled, you need to have the ability to travel on short notice to be a successful flight attendant with a private jet job.

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