How to Become a Concierge

A concierge is a person who acts as a personal assistant for a variety of people. Hotels, corporations, or an individual are most likely to hire a concierge service, but there are many opportunities within the field. This is a multifaceted career that involves knowledge of local attractions, resources for booking reservations, and dedication to customer service. The process to become a concierge begins with college courses.


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    Find out if there are concierge courses or programs offered at your local college or online. Some schools offer classes geared toward tourism. These classes will cover all aspects of the travel industry and would be a good way to obtain a broader understanding when booking reservations for clients. An Associate's Degree in Tourism generally takes 2 years to complete.
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    Prepare a resume and submit it to businesses in your area or in the location you desire to work in. Even if the business does not have a concierge position available, most establishments keep resumes on file for 1 year.
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    Experience your community like a tourist would. The only way you can truly give clients honest advice is by experiencing different activities firsthand. Eat at various restaurants, visit area attractions, and enjoy the different spa experiences offered in your community. Educate yourself on the amenities offered in the region around you.
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    Work on your interpersonal skills. Excellent customer service is necessary in this position. You have to make clients feel as if they are the most important people while you are working for them.
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    Let everyone know what you can do as a concierge. Even if someone isn't in the business of customer service, it could be a good connection for you in the future. Even before you obtain employment with a concierge service, you can let people know of the services you can provide. Only offer services you know you can fulfill. Do not make promises that you can't deliver on.
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    Secure employment. Be prepared to start offering your services immediately after you have found a permanent position. Hotel guests and others who use your service need you to be ready as soon as you're hired.


  • Continue to stay knowledgeable about new attractions or other services offered in your area. Businesses are changing all the time, some close and new ones open. Stay abreast to changes so you do not send hotel guests or others to a place that no longer exists or is closed for renovations.
  • Though a formal education can help you obtain a position faster, you can still find work with a concierge service without any training. Note that the more experience you gain, the high your hourly rates can be.


  • Do not give a recommendation on anything you are no sure on. If you are wrong, the client will not trust your judgment and may complain to others about your inabilities.
  • If a client asks for your assistance or advice on an activity that you are not comfortable with, or that is against the law, do not hesitate to decline and contact the authorities if needed.

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