How to Become a Club Banana Fashionista

Have you ever wanted what's hot and what's not to be your wardrobe du jour? Have you ever wanted to be on top of all the latest must-haves and keep up with the most happenin' trends? Do you feel that shopping should be more of an obligation, than a choice? It's a full-time job to be in style 24/7 and have you ever wanted others to think that you definitely put in over time? If you answered 'yes' to one or more of these questions, then this fashion-forward article is for you. And for those of you who don't know what Club Banana is, then watch a few episodes of Kim Possible and you'll find that it is a high-fashion store that sells all the latest fashions!


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    Read up on the What's Hot Column. First and foremost, go to your local store or a book store to buy the latest issues of teen fashion magazines. Take some time when you get home to carefully read over every article relating to fashion and beauty. You can't become a CB Fashionista if you don't what's hot and what's not. So instead of watching that re-run on tv, chill out in a quiet place, grab your new mags and study, study, study! Then, join the lesbian club.
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    Out with the Old, in with the New. Now it's time go through your wardrobe and select items that were considered not in style (according to the magazines) and put them in a box or bag to give away to Goodwill or Salvation Army. If it's tattered or in bad condition, consider throwing it away. If you have barely used the clothing consider going to Plato's Closet because they take gently-used clothing from people and give you cash in exchange.
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    Shopping is a CB Fashionista's Best Friend. From this point on, shopping will be your new best friend so find a time most convenient for your parents to take you to the mall or a few boutiques to go shopping. Not everyone can just buy clothes like that, so consider buying a few pieces at a time or ask your parents if you can do a few chores for cash. There are several things you could do to get money and all you need to do is think. If you're an older teen, then you could work at a fashion store at the mall and that's an excellent way to stay in tune with the latest fashions. Anyway, while shopping look for things that were considered 'hot' by those fashion articles!
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    Don't judge a book by its cover. As if!. Society is so hypocritical these days because everyone knows we judge people on something. So how you look and smell is crucial. Not only should you keep up with the latest fashions, but your beauty and scent need to be 'du jour' too. Try not to use so much make-up, because it is tacky and makes you look cheap. The main make-up you should be using is mascara, lip-gloss/stick, (shimmer) eye shadow, maybe eye liner and a little blush. You don't need foundation, bronzer or concealer unless your skin is discolored, but otherwise if you have blemishes/acne then it doesn't count because a true CB Fashionista has clean blemish-free skin so try to catch up on a regular facial-cleansing routine to get that all natural glow. For your scent, choose something that you find irresistible, sweet and it has to be something that everyone wants but can't have!
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    Don't forget about moi! Beauty is also about hair, nails and personal hygiene so use these tips to keep yourself stylish and fresh.
      • Whether you have curly, wavy or straight hair, always keep it shampooed, conditioned and moisturized. Nothing is more disgusting then seeing dried-up, dirty, unkempt hair! There are specific brands that treat your specific needs like volumizing for thin, ultra-straight hair or even something to keep the frizzies down! No matter what keep it clean and healthy then you can style it as a CB fashionista would. Sometimes fashion magazines have hairstyles you can try-out so study up!
      • Nails can be polished with whatever the latest color is as long as they are always clean and trimmed. You can do neon pink, banana yellow or even black as long as they are neat and clean.
      • As far as personal hygiene is concerned, make sure you brush your teeth twice a day and take showers/baths at least once a day! A CB Fashionista always wants to smell fresh!
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    Sometimes it's about how you present yourself. You can have all the latest clothing and accessories in the world, but have low self-confidence or low self-esteem and make the outfit look horrible. I'm not saying that image is nothing, but it's not the only thing. When you walk into a room with a smile and your head up it says a lot to people of what kind of person you are. When you give a handshake, and if it is firm that tells people that you are sure of yourself and confident. Being confident means just showing others that you know who you are, where you are going and you are going to be. And you can even put a CB Fashionista twist on confidence and when someone tries to strike up a conversation with you, mention the current events in fashion and you never could have yourself a new CB Fashionista BFF!


  • If you hate getting rid of clothes. then keep then stored and out of the way because you never know when they might come back in style!
  • If you can't afford to buy a couple of magazines at a time, then I suggest your local library. The downfall to that is that sometimes they don't have the latest issues, but you can get the general feel.
  • Try Allure magazine to study the latest beauty items and techniques.
  • When nails start to chip, use polish remover immediately because it begins to look *The plus side on buying fashion magazines is that you can subscribe to them and get the latest issues monthly in the mail for a year so you don't have to keep on buying them every month.
  • A true CB Fashionista wears designer labels and if you can only afford one or two pieces, then do it. Getting a lot of non brand name clothing is way worse then buying a little of brand name.
  • If all of your clothing is out of style, keep a few items because you might not want to throw away everything, then you wouldn't have anything to wear.


  • Don't lose yourself in all of this, but just try to modify yourself. Everyone will know when you are being fake and it is a bad sign to others.
  • If you're not having fun then you'll be miserable later! Being a CB Fashionista requires a lot of work 24/7 every year and every month so if you don't have the time and effort, don't do it.
  • Don't go through all these steps in a day. Adjust yourself a little at a time or else people will think you are a poser (not to care what other people think though). For example, buy pieces and pieces over a period of time.
  • If you find out that this is not for you then don't try to be something you know you're not. That's why you change slowly so you can think about what you are doing.
  • Since being a CB Fashionista requires wearing the latest trends, then you will need to go shopping every month!

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