How to Become a Cheerleader in Middle School

If you have ever wanted to become a cheerleader for any reason, now is the time to start, at least three months before tryouts. In middle school, becoming a cheerleader is a lot easier than in high school. If you want to become a cheerleader, you need to know motions, jumps, and tumbling, so, if you want to become a cheerleader, keep reading.


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    Find out when tryouts are. If you don't know the exact date, begin training as soon as possible. Besides, training more is better. Also over the summer you should take a tumbling class. Most middle school cheerleading is all or mostly tumbling.
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    Start eating a healthier diet. You should have plenty of protein, fruits, vegetables, and carbs in your diet. Make sure everything you eat is super healthy. Eat 3 meals a day and 3 snacks a day. You should train before and after school. A healthy meal plan to follow is for breakfast, eat a small bowl of oatmeal, a banana, a small slice of cheese, a spoonful of peanut butter, and 3 glasses of water. Straight before morning practice eat an energy bar or a cereal bar. This is your morning snack. For lunch, eat a nice sandwich that has 5 slices of meat, 1 slice of cheese, no mayo, and lettuce. Also, eat 10 baby carrots and 5 grapes. Before your afternoon workout eat another nutrition bar. Eat whatever your parents make for dinner. For dessert, eat vanilla yogurt with peanut butter mixed in.
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    Begin an exercise routine. You need to train for specific cheer moves like jumps, motions, and tumbling, and for overall endurance, strength, and flexibility. To train for jumps, you need to do at least 30 straddle leg lifts on each leg. A straddle leg lift is when you sit in a straddle and lift up one leg at a time without letting it touch the floor. You also need to do 30 squat jumps, 15 hops on each foot, 30 toe raises, and 30 squats. Don't forget cheerleader crunches, which is where you lie on your back with your arms above your head and crunch up into a toe touch on the floor, do 15 of these. Also, doing 10 of each required jump is great! For your motions, learn how to do bow and arrow, daggers, go or punch, hands on hips, left L, right L, left K, right K, left diagonal, right diagonal, T, broken T, high V, low V, touchdown, and low touchdown. Keep these motions stiff and tight. For tumbling, do 10 cartwheels, 10 round offs, and 10 handstands. Make sure you keep your arms and legs straight and tight and your toes pointed. Imagine you are a board. For endurance, do cardio 4 days a week. Do a cardio workout routine video. For strength training, which should be done 3 days a week, do a workout video that focuses on strengthening your arms one day, your legs one day, and your abs another day. For flexibility, do stretches twice a day. You need to have a good split.
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    Train your voice. Practice speaking loud and clear. Make sure you don't sing your words and they are low pitched, loud, and clear. Practice a good voice everyday by doing breathing exercises, speaking loud, and making sure every word that you say isn't too quick, slow, or mumbled.
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    Know the requirements. You should be able to do a good toe touch, right herkie, and left herkie. You also need a solid cartwheel and round off. You need to have good motions, a split, and a strong voice.
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    Tryouts. You need to stand out at tryouts. If you can do a herkie, toe touch, split, cartwheel, and round off, you should be able to make it. During cheerleading tryouts, dress neatly in a school shirt, dance shorts, dance or cheer shoes, your hair in a high ponytail with a bow, your nails painted with a clear polish, clean makeup, and a tattoo on your cheek or hand. For school shirts, make sure they are in your school colors and not a polo or collared shirt. Tie up the back if it is too long. Wear black dance shorts if you aren't super duper tan and pastel shorts if you are super duper tan. Your dance/cheer shoes should be either white or black with white ankle socks. If you go with dance shoes, jazz are the best. For your hair, brush it into a ponytail that is behind your part and high. Wear a bow in either white or your school colors. Make sure your hair is straight. For your nails, take off any nail polish and cut them so they are kind of short, but not too short. Round them off and paint with either a clear or clear with glitter nail polish. You can do some sparkly rhinestone nail art to one nail if you want. You should do your makeup simply and flawlessly. Apply a tinted moisturizer, skin colored eyeshadow, light bronzer, and lip gloss. For your tattoo, make it have to do with your mascot, for example a paw print, animal, or school initials. On the first day of tryouts, they will have you perform a cheer, a toe touch, and optional tumbling. Do your cheer with gusto, make it loud, snappy, and sharp. Make sure you bring your legs up high in the toe touch and your back straight. For tumbling, do your cartwheel, round off, and handstand. In the breakout and warm up/stretching sessions, show off your split, straddle, and bridge. Give girls advice if they ask about your moves. On the second day, add some glitter to your lips and eyes, but not too much. You will perform a toe touch, herkie, split, cartwheel, round off, handstand, and cheer. You will do similar things to yesterday, but you have to be even better than before. Show off your oversplit if you are there.
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    If you became a cheerleader, congratulations! Don't slack off of your diet, endurance, strength, and stretching routines. You don't have to do the other stuff because you will be doing it at practice. Don't stuff your head with ideas about cheerleaders and think you are better than the others. Make sure you are an awesome cheerleader and bring it! You can wear tank tops to practice if you want.
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    If you don't make it, don't give up! You can try out for an All Star team if you want or you can keep training on your own for the next year. Try to fit the cheerleading stereotype if you think that you were good enough but didn't look like a cheerleader or stand out. If you fit the cheerleader stereotype, but weren't good enough, train even more and for longer sessions until you have the best jumps in town!


  • Have fun!
  • Act like a cheerleader. Be peppy, bubbly, outgoing, and athletic.
  • Don't put too much pressure on yourself.
  • Have a life outside of cheerleading.
  • Don't overtrain.
  • Dress like a cheerleader. Wear skinny jeans, shorts, tight shirts, bright and pastel colors, topsiders, tennis shoes, and canvas shoes. Try not to wear skirts or dresses all the time, with the exception of your uniform.
  • You will become popular, so start wearing popular brands or set trends yourself. The popular brands are Aeropostale, Abercrombie, Hollister, American Eagle, and Victoria's Secret. Brands for the popular queen bee who is going to set trends for the school are Gap, Ralph Lauren, USPA, Beverley Hills Polo Club, and any brand you want as long as it is fashionable and preppy or girly!
  • Don't fail school!
  • Just be yourself.


  • Overtraining can lead to serious issues in your physical and mental health.
  • Cheerleading is a dangerous sport. Be careful not to hurt to yourself.
  • If you weren't previously popular, people may not talk to you at first, but eventually, other popular team members will treat you like family.
  • You may get a feeling of superiority.
  • You may get so caught up in popularity you will forget you are a cheerleader.

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