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Land surveyors have very exciting and rewarding careers. No two days are the same and you can find yourself working across a huge number of industries, so you’ll never be bored. If you love collecting and analyzing data and enjoy the great outdoors then land surveying could be your dream job.

So you want to be a certified land surveyor and don’t know where to start? This quick how-to guide should get you started!


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    Get yourself good grades in school. Make sure that you focus on subjects such as mathematics and physics as these are particularly useful in the world of land surveying.
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    Get a college degree. There are a huge number of college degrees available that will head you in the right direction to becoming a certified land surveyor. You should aim for a degree in civil engineering, surveying or a related major. The course needs to be accredited by the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET).
    • After you have graduated from college, there are still more exams to be sat before you become qualified! The first one is the Fundamentals of Surveying exam. Upon passing this exam you will be considered a Surveying Intern.
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    Find an internship. You must complete an internship with a certified land surveyor which is typically four years in length – however the requirements vary between states.
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    Take the Principles of Practice and Surveying exam. This is the second exam required before becoming a certified land surveyor and is sat after completing your internship.
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    Finally, you are ready to sit for the final licensing exams. Each state has their own licensing exam and once you have passed this you will be granted your license.


  • A lot of hard work and dedication is required to become a certified land surveyor, so make sure that it is a career you will enjoy before you get started.
  • Surveying degrees are very competitive. Plan as far ahead as possible to ensure that you get the best grades possible in school.


  • Land surveyors spend a lot of time outdoors, often in unfavorable conditions.

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